March 25th, 2007


A Picture of a day.

today was a perfect day.

A door bell started things off,
As a wee neighbor boy came to see if the boys wanted to play.
Sunshine, green spring everywhere and sleeping people everywhere.
Time to make coffee.

Geo and Ed got up soon after,
and we made apple turnovers to eat with our weekly "boston legal - saturday morning edition".
More breakfast grazing ... some housework and sunbeams.
Ed's over to the neighbors.
Clouds sneak in, and Geo and I drive away.

We're to "leisure swim" at a nearby, wicked nice, community pool
(big slide, swing rope, stuff... fun. :)
McD's for a snack... then to the library to help Geo do research for a school project.
I spend a while reading a "Las Vegas for Dummies" book...
And Geo pours over Britannica.

Home again... and it's snowing a complete white blanket.
Sis-in-law is over... I enjoy every moment I get with all of my in-laws...
Prol'y strange, but very true.
Sick "Easy Recovery Pro" on a nieces digi cam memory card,
And make thai chicken skewers for dinner.
Make cheese cake for dessert.
Watch a little Matrix revolutions with Ed while I cook,
And we analyse the story line... he's 9.
We see a family of deer walking past the back yard.
The we all enjoy our dinner together.

While Ed plays Wind Waker, Geo and Suz maple story,
I clip on a tool belt...
Saw, screw, hammer and drill the last of the main-room bulk head frames.
The kids eventually were ushered to their beds (yikes... so late!)
And I packed away 20 pages of "The Two Towers" out loud, stretched out on Ed's bed.
Then more cheese cake, and we worked our way through some of Gray's Anatomy,
... just made the bed (laundry day) and turned on the 'lectric blanket.

It's 3:30...
And today...
Has been...
Just perfect.

Sunday, March 25

Gray... easy peasy day.

My folks come home from far away... We'll all be at their house, with pot luck (Chinese) in hand for their arrival home. :)
But now? It's all about being a lazy sod all morning and leaving for groceries now. :)

~ sunday best... jeans and a t. :)
~ groceries...
~ make a spicy pineapple chicken and something yummi with shrimp. :)
~ dinner at my folks...
~ Amazing Race...
~ cutting some drywall...
~ Working? ... somehow I have to get some office stuff done today. :(
~ d'ya see the movie "Four weddings and a funeral"? yeah... saw that again this morning. Let the wishing begin. :)

Birthday moments...
A day late, but never-the-less... A very happy birthday to you byron. May the year ahead, keep you healthy and ... completely entertained. :)
Hi Crystal... (gottabecrazy)... I hope you're out there being a happy sugar on your birthday... :)
Many happy birthday wishes for alachicky... and for the year ahead to take excellent care of you... and the little hearts that keep yours beating!!
Happy Birthday sweet and whispery... (her_whispers). Peace sugar... and let the smiles wash you like spring rain. May the year ahead be filled with unaccountable happiness... :)

... and now I gotta get busy with what's left of my sunday. :D