March 23rd, 2007


Friday, March 23

K'... that's a keeper pic. :D

Today started in sunshine... and... it's still sunny.
It's friday... work day is over... work week will need a little attention on Sunday... but IT'S OVER for right now. :)
So WEEE. :)

Friday... three days ago my world was covered in snow.
It's a green green pasture today.

~ gray ftls
~ blue p-z jeans
~ gray t, and tommy sweater.
~ up, same ol' ritual and zoooom downtown to work.
~ workshop with the team from 10 to 3...
~ zoom to get that salt finally... Rock Salt for the water softener...
~ home to have a friday night. We still haven't watched LOST and I'm having a blast with the bulk heads... (anything that makes me feel like the basement project is moving forward, makes me happy - Vaun, see my note below)
~ to send a few moments of lj love out to minarets... just 'cuz... :)
~ and a bunch more out to indianasweetie too!
~ oh, and that I actually went skiing somewhere decent this year... (grinding teeth and tries to suck it up... :D)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday boo1 ! :D I hope that you're out there having a great time... sharing, loving and being loved in return. Enjoy your day sugar-boo.

Did you see Jon Stewart three nights ago? [ :: Check out Bolton's appearance on the show! :: ]

So, two nights ago... after Bolton accuses Stewart of getting his "history" wrong when Jon talked about Lincoln... Stewart pulls a pre-eminent expert on Lincoln onto to the phone and TOTALLY SHOOTS BOLTON DOWN. Awesome.

So... despite the seeming insanity of my relentless desire to get on with the basement project, at the expense of every second of free time and my health... I gotta tell ya, it's all about getting the basement done man, because until that happens... I can't expect the kids to stop messing up the entire first floor of the house. :) Oh how I long for the basement to get sorted.
~ and for the record... I gotta get the bulk heads done... (drywall, mud, sanding, painting) before I put the flooring down... purely for "mess factor" issues. :)

Smile... somebody loves you.

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Tetes a claques!

Don't sweat that this is french... Just look for the one with the "Willi Waller 2006" in Yellow text.
CLICK IT... and watch.