March 21st, 2007


Wednesday, March 21

No eating after midnight... (up till all hours finishing project for work)...
Up silly-early... drinking six cups of water... and out the door.

So... it was dern dern cold when I got up and left this morning... however... it's flippen spring baby.
Officially IN LIKE A LAMB.
Day one of spring and the temperatures are soaring. It's going to actually "warm up" over night... wowza.
Of course, it'll all turn to rain and crummy'ness ... but for now... for right now... it's sunny, warm and melty outside. :)

~ jeans and warm stuff... for the early part of the day...
~ jeans and ... comfy stuff for the rest.
~ lay on a table in the dark and let a young woman squirt jelly on me... and rub me with her wand.
~ an interesting start to the day... sadly, having 30 ozs of water in your abdomen while she does this... is mighty uncomfortable.
~ ultrasound... :)
~ rest-of-day... work work work...
~ go out back with the big video camera and try to cap some sound and light bytes for the "home movie"**
~ oh, and an interview with a new client. A telephone interview... can't read their body language... but at least I get to pace. :)
~ REMEMBER : SURVIVOR IS ON TONIGHT!! (thanks teasdale) and LOST is on after that... !!
~ to send several moments of good hope out to inspectorjury...
~ for a little luck to drift over to phinnia
~ to give a short smile to yumikid ...
~ and to tell fragbert that I'll get the dark blue on and he can get the red/black one... (the big about "turning the special key on the arm rest to turn on the car's 'get ready to go fast' features"... totally killed me!!!)

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday wish out to tall, red, brilliant and beautiful... er... ladymeg1. I wish for you all the happiness you can handle... and a few opportunities to sing... (you sing so well! :D).

Seems to me, that's it's a much preferred situation to miss someone while they're alive.
At least then you can do something about it. :)
Missing them when they've passed on... isn't doing anyone any good at all.

Battlestar... I've not looked up any spoiler stuff... so this is just me talk'en and, for all I know, the rest of the world has already seen this seasons ending... but for us Canaid'yens... this sunday is the season ender. I'm looking at nut-job Tye and thinking... "why did they pluck out this eye? and what did they put in there after the had the big ol'hole into his head?". I'm betting he's the homing signal... although what then is up with Kara's hubb (the ex "space" b-ball player) and the radio signal thing?
... and by the by...
Radio head was talking about "free will" this morning and it hooked in nice with the BSG Baltar dilemma. Having had a gun to his head, is he really guilty of signing that execution notice?

I remain thoroughly confused about the Baltar, Six, and Zena story line. I've the notion that he's, in fact, not a cylon... however that totally flies in the face of a lot of other stuff... and why the heck is he in prisoner Six's head?

** having fun working on the "home movie" that consolidates all the little "building casa de corto" video-lettes. :)


Jake Jasmine

Go and sample [ :: Jake Jasmine :: ]
~ that's their myspace space with three of their songs...
Western Canada music scene.
Personally... I like "Lastwords" best of the three.

If you like 'em at all... put out a link, or tell a friend to check their site.

No really... :)
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