March 20th, 2007


The Amazing Race 11 Update!!

Amazing Race - The Retread Edition


And they're off... stinking up the duty free, playing with rats, painting nails and chasing Capt’n Big Hands around the mat... did you see those ping pong paddles swinging? I’m telling ya... this epi totally validates the mysterious claims that everyone on this show is ... totally retarded!!! Oh... and we’re again reminded that “Rapido” is officially the international pan-lingual word for “I’d like to be obnoxious...”

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Tuesday, March 20

More madness... Clients changed the schedule, resulting in a new round of "OMG Hurry Up" moments at work...
So I was busy before... now... I'm the leading flame on the outer edge of a super nova. :)
Fun eh...

I managed to hit the physio place on the way home from taking the kids to school.
This particular place is physio and acupuncture... He did a full on assessment and felt that calling it "tortellini" (or whatever they called it) was overstating it... and that a problem in my middle back is "presenting tortellini like results in my neck".
So it was needle time... I have a lot of faith in acupuncture... more than I have in chiro...

Now it's like almost 4:00 and I've not had a breath of "relax" since I woke up... sigh.

~ blue, blue, blue and beige...
~ flts, jeans, turtleneck and a sweater. :)
~ well... "up, do kid zone, and work all day... " was the plan.
~ Z is totally sick with what Geo had... and after getting up and letting her sleep in... the phone rings and it's the office. sigh.
~ I still managed to get to the Physio place...
~ work work work ... but home for crock-pot-dinner :P
~ I could sit here and read my FPs for a bit... sigh. :(

Looks a lot like I'll be going to Regina for a week in early April. Oh boy...

Dear Mommy... please phone me. :)

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