March 19th, 2007


Monday, March 19

Ok... so it's cold, gray, white and ... "smells like pending snow." out there...

I managed to get to the doc... (I like my family doc... she... seems very competent). :)
She also diagnosed that tortellini thing...
(Ok, it's called "torticollis").
Me = better drugs, and physio.
Crap... Like I have time for this kinda shit. !!!!! GRRRRR!

~ best... nice clean, pressed, and perky...
~ feel like shit... but hey, at least I can look good.
~ up, wake'em up, dress 'em, feed 'em, drive 'em to school...
~ go to clinic... see doc...
~ home, shower, shave, and iron a shirt...
~ dress... work like mad...
~ leave to hit pharmacy and pick up new drugs...
~ attend funeral service, the bolt back to downtown office...
~ presentations at 2:00 - 5:00 ...
~ home... make dinner...
~ clean up kitchen...
~ write about AR...
~ work on bulk heads...
~ get to bed and DIE.
~ I could get a good nights sleep. I'm on 10 nights in a row of messed up sleep. ack!

Birthday Bonanza!!
Happy birthday dearest Bethena (wingswithwar) May this year be a year of rebirth, renewal and ... a rekindling of your spirit.
and Happy birthday to a girl that rocks... :) spurbaby. May you be wrapped in the love you deserve as this year unfolds.
Happy birthday too out to rougescheveux. May there be days of put joy... and loads of time to enjoy yourself
and ... Happy Birthday kutie_kara nothing like a kid that has no clue and adamantly refuses to support pro-choice... Have a good year Kara... and don't get preggers. (drops)

And a very special birthday wish to nbbmom. You've been an important woman in my life for almost eight years. This is significant in my life. :) These have been big years for you... and it brings a warm vibe to my heart to see your world spinning so well for you. My birthday wish for you ... is that this year brings you more of what has brought you through this last one. May you forever hold happiness and pleasure in a death grip... no letting go for anything! :)

And now I gotta fly. :D

See ya.

a circle thing...

Life is very often a story of circles...

I am never far from fond memories
of playing the doting uncle to the wee
bundles of smiles, tears, tiny fingers
and wonderful little voices that are my
nieces and nephews. So it is with K.
It's been almost seventeen years since
the first time I held her little tearful self
and gave her uncle love until she slept,
smiled or... just relaxed in caring arms.

Supporting my brother-in-law on the
unhappy occasion of the services held
to shepherd his mother to her final rest,
... I had a moment. He and I tried to
exchange a few words, but things caught
up and all we could do was hug for a
moment and give in to some of the tears.
He moved away, and when I looked up,
darling K caught my watery eyes and
warmly stepped over unbidden to hold
me for a moment... to just relax in caring arms.