March 14th, 2007



Go Ski '07

Random picture from Temblant village.

So we loaded up the car... a jig saw puzzle of food,
boots, skis, board, clothes and ... more clothes.
Then we drove it away.
Two short hours later, we're closing in on this beautiful
"chateau" that was built, like ... just after the fall of
rome or something... but has been soooo renoooo.
Is gorgeous.
By strange twists of fate, I've found my way to several
remarkable hotels in my day... and this is top three
material on a "how's the room" scale. :)

It's also a four minute drive from the parking lot at
Mont Tremblant. [ :: hook me up :: ]

Our "package" was a three night stay and "included"
tickets for the family to ski at Tremblant for a day...
We were planning to ski at Gray Rocks the other of
our two ski days.
The weather was insane... beautiful sunshine and
above zero temps at the base of the mountain
(much colder at the top but... so?).

Our arrival day ... included the onset of some evil,
terrible, nasty cold in Geo, our eleven year-old.
That night a fever kicked in.
Next day... sent Suz the Tremblant Village with Ed
to visit, and I sat with sick boy... and he was having
a hard time.
We hoped for some turn in his condition...
and we did all kinds of good things to take care of
his cold, but the fever bit came and went all day
and evening.

He enjoyed the hot tub... and in the pic... you can
see me emerging from our room, to walk barefoot
across the snow to the hot tub. There's a covered,
heated path, but it's on the other side and this was
way closer. Looking down... at your bare toes in snow
is kinda strange. And it was surprisingly not so bad...
on the snow... the "cold rocks" around the pool were
far worse. We watched "Night at the Museum"...

Any ways... Tuesday dawned and Geo was soooo not
Tuesday was our "Tremblant" day - free tickets - and
we just couldn't go.
So we called it ... Time of Go Ski Vacation death? 8:45 am.

I scalped the tickets (below cost), and we packed it in.
Home again, packed away and already being bombarded
with work issues.

I need a vacation. :)

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Amazing Race XI Update!!

Amazing Race - The Retread Edition


And they're off... on the Keystone Cops episode. If it can be done wrong... they do it. And by "they" I mean the ones that pay the ultimate price for their foolishness. Sadly by "ultimate price" I don’t actually mean that they are killed dead and squished like bugs... but I can dream... I can dream. Oh, and those Cuban guys... they’re litter bugs.

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