March 8th, 2007


Thursday, March 8

sweet mercy...
Today was presentation day.
I got to work, zoomed to a "conference room" in a big ass hotel downtown to face a ROOM FULL of serious suits. Very serious suits. gah!
An hour at the front... (takes off blay-zzzzer to present the appearance of comfort and familiarity), palm my wireless mouse (not-going-the-counter to advance the slides somehow creates the impression that I'm comfortable), take a sip of water and mentally repeat "pace yourself, pace yourself" over and over (OMG it's important to not "talk fast")... proceed to talk ...
Half way through... the severe beatings begin.
"Beat like a junk yard dog" is a pretty good description.
CIO had ... some opinions to share... (wow)
I kept my pace in check...
I answered the questions... I turned it around because I kinda rock when the chips fly all over the room and old people start exploding in the corners.
(oh lookit... mrs. johnson's exploded...).
My project boss was there... he was all about "it went great" ... because I generated a lot of talk, a lot of discussion and moved the project forward, which is MILES AND MILES better than "They all sat there silent till I left"... (that happens with some clients and I want to throttle them... :D)
So despite the beatings... (no, they didn't actually get out of their chairs and punch me... but... that might have been less difficult... because I could have punched back. As it was, I had to field and deal... I'm not explaining this well... but ... it was awesome. sigh.)

So months of stress and strain... was all leading up to this morning... and despite the not-insignificant-beatings... it seems to have gone well.

~ business best...
~ black, green, white and mr. blue-blay-zzzzer.
~ up... bang... zooom...
~ end up in a board room in a hotel... facing the angry mob.
~ back to the downtown office for another workshop...
~ home to cover while Ed goes for a doc appointment....
~ and Survivor tonight. :D
~ to send a few moments of lj love to harleydog... just 'cuz.
~ that my dear friend, teasdale... just finds comfort. :)
~ and that a little Zia manages to shake the tummy bug... eh Sugar-nin... (ninneviane)

My brain is ... melting.
I need to relax.
Not gonna happen for ... a while.
So now I'm gonna try and cruise through the day.

I enjoy LOST so much.
I get frustrated with the story... but I still dig it ... huge. :)
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