March 7th, 2007


Wednesday, March 7

Ok... a lot A LOT less cold this morning and today overall. :) (Yeah).
Still sunny and beautiful... and, don't get me wrong... still minus 24 when I left the house with two frozen boys in tow..

OMG This song!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!! I frick'en love this girl... hahaha...

Oh... and Corinne Bailey-Rae has a beautiful voice... find her. :)

~ black blue and green...
~ that's ftls, jeans and nice-shirt. :)
~ another mad mad day. Sadly, I honestly don't think my family has any concept of how busy and stressed I've been... other than my being annoying. :)
~ this stuff... (mad mad busy) goes on solid till the end of march. Fortunately, I've a wee stress break coming up... ski trip. :D
~ phone call with bankers...
~ and hopefully ... LOST tonight. :)
~ for a whole lot of small japanese autoworkers to do a little dance out front of beachdog's house...
~ that tonya had won... :D
~ and for Shoo-Shoo... er... shoo to enjoy the ... curls. :)

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday wish out to debby... "My Little Debby" which, appropriately, is a brand name for sweet things to eat. Thank you Debby... for years of patient friendship. May our differences never make us cross swords and may the things that keep us friends... be the sort of things that never fade away. Have a lovely day sugar... and I hope your family treats you like a queen. :)

So, a little Libby with your side of scape goat?

Mad man picture post... because I can. :)
Brave and very happy kitty... plays in the snow and loves it.

Can you see Darth SnowMan? :D :D

Remember I mentioned that the boys and I had been hard
pressed to get out of the show room at sears after we
discovered the massage chairs... hahaha... :D

And I give you... k'nex Roller Coaster. Big Fun... but damn big!!

Ok... all done. :)

If you invite big love in...
you have a much better chance of having big love,
than if you keep your back up against the damn door.

Big Love ... Playing in a heart near you... Don't miss it. :)
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