March 6th, 2007


Tuesday, March 6

Ok... when the radio starts your day saying "Look, pay attention... it's minus 43 out there people... dress warm"... well, it's flipping cold yo.
Salt on the roads... is pointless and with the wind that has been buffeting our house for two days... well, the roads are nothing if not Slick N Dangerbay.
We were stuck behind a five mini van pile up on the road to the boys school this morning. sigh. stretchers and ambulances... double sigh.

On a good note, the sun is out and the air just slams into your lungs with great big "WELL HELLO THERE" when you breath...

~ black stripee ftls
~ p-z jeans,
~ brown turtleneck and z'blay-zer. :)
~ up and at 'em on the coldest day of the year...
~ big breaky... drop the boys off and zoom downtown for an all day sucker. and yes, I'm the sucker. :)
~ meeting at ... 4:30... sigh. It's gonna be a long day.
~ to send some positive vibes and some squeezes out to ewtikins... just 'cuz...
~ to smile a hopeful smile at caranya...
~ to wake up fragbert and ask him how things are going at the shelter.... ;)
~ and to remind the world that ... xaheras... my little egg-girl... is precious... like candy is sweet.

FIFA... Muslims... Head Scarves... and big ass bunch of fricking whiners.
Clearly, north america is going to hell in a hand basket. Soccer in Canada is HUGE... There are thousands upon thousands of volunteer CHILDREN and DADS and MOMS that ref house league soccer games, let alone the vast numbers of kind souls that organize and support the city leagues... How on earth did it come to pass that the governing body of international Soccer (FIFA) has let things slide so badly that all these people are not acting like seasoned professionals and applying the same standards of rule across the entire soccer landscape. It's deplorable. You'd think that if Billy in Pinniwa, Manitoba, enforced a specific rule that EVERY other person would be doing things exactly the same.
For the record... the teenage pain in the ass muslim girl that was ejected from the city league tourney for refusing to remove her headscarf (Hijab) was being a little shit and she knows it. So her team bails... and the other Ottawa area teams bail along with them in protest. Of course is blatant discrimination... pure xenophobia... The scarf wraps around her THROAT and if it was caught between the ground and someones foot in a pile up, her little throat would have been garotted but... that doesn't happen... no... accidents NEVER happen in house league sports. No...
I wonder if the Sheikh players carry their Kippa when they play soccer.

No Lie... the radio told me today that we can blame the bad weather on China.
When I was growing up... we blamed shit weather on the Russians.
Clearly things are a'changen.

Someone please hook me up with something by Lily Allen. I want to hear her voice.

~ wants nin... :)
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