March 5th, 2007


Monday, March 05

In the market for a new shoulder... and, I suppose I might just go for a new neck too.

Microwave beam bag thing is smoke'en hot and on my shoulder... sigh.

It's a bazzing cold day... wind like all get out and light dustings of snow being whipped up and send in tremendous vortexes of brrrrr.

Fortunately... I'm at home, nursing the shoulder and managing life via teleconferences.
It looks like the rest of the week will be spent in an office downtown. (booo.)

Work is stupid busy... can't see the light yet. But I'm keeping my eyes open.

~ fast warm... old jeans, sweatshirt
~ big breakfast for the school boys and their dad... coffee for the mommy.
~ office, hunkered down, working ... all day. Oh, and teleconference calls... ug.
~ must must must get groceries. Perimeter groceries ... and even a little "inside" stuff.
~ make dinner...
~ try and get the chain on the k'nex roller coaster. :)
~ write about AR at some point.. watch some tv... play magic (mtg) ...
~ I never saw that news item about the b-ball team and the bus accident...
~ there was closure on the jon bennet-ramsey case from ... forever ago.
~ my pvr could hold several thousand hours ... instead of a 120...
~ and for some good vibes to find their way to kimmellee

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday unmistakably_me... I hope you have a nice celebration of your day... and a grand year ahead.

All Sharpton on Jon Stewart... after the news item about his great grand-dad being a slave on Strom's homestead... whatever... but when they had Al on the show, the little "graphic caption" gives his name... and then "The actual guy from the story!!". bwaahahaha...

A Question
Recommend for me... contact database software.
~ whole bunch of names...
~ organized into groups
~ storing call history
There's Act 2007 by SAGE, but ... besides the $$... that's just one.
What else?
(back of my mind, I'm thinking Palm prol'y does this well... palm users? or... what's the PC version of Palm these days? Pocket PC?... any users with big ass contact records?)

All it can take is a smile.
And then I'm gone.
It's almost magic.

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"happiness is" decidedly not spilling
a full mug of fresh ground, fresh brewed
coffee across your desk, like an evil little
aromatic tsunami.

Amazing Race 11 Update!!

Amazing Race - The Retread Edition

Holy Stereo Type Blond Power!!

And they're off... touring around South America... San this and Puerto that, with Airport hi-jinx, cry’en old gay guys, angry midgets, and the fake Russian chick driving around in a bikini... but who are we kidding... it’s all about Amber and her monkey at this point.

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