February 26th, 2007


Monday, February 26

See... how light can flatten your head.
Or... wait... do I have a flat side-of-head?

Oscar was fun.
I get bored with the Tribute awards... I'm really just in it to see if I guessed well, look at the famous women in their dresses... and remain in awe of the "greeter girls" that walk people off the stage. The brunette greeter girl from the Oscars was totally outstanding.

Today is all about being a busy boy... It's almost like I have a normal job... Up early, drive downtown, and come home at the end of the day. Ug... and I have to do it again tomorrow. I really am more of a laze-about-the-house-in-my-pj-pants kinda guy. I get so much more done that way. :D

~ green ftls
~ green trousers...
~ brown turtleneck and zee blazzzer. :)
~ well... it's 11:15 and I'm already done my lunch and my snack. And I had a big brekky. I must be on a growth spurt... or pregnant....
~ a day at the downtown office... meetings, editing and squeeeeeezing my brain.
~ tonight? Start the second coat on the basement playroom...
~ write about AR from last night...
~ maybe watch Heroes from last night... was it new?
~ do you have any food? k'mere... bring that muffin.
~ I had realized my sunglasses were on my head when I sat down to work at... 9:00 this morning. d'oh!!
~ my little Azzz honuhoney, gets her coffee...
~ good luck out to txdevil on the "first day". :)
~ and for mzzzz whataboutjen to ... you know... get some rest. :)

I totally blew on the Oscar guessing. But that is totally because a) I discounted "Departed" as a dog - had no info on it and b) I didn't listen to Oprah. That being said... I'm glad I don't listen to Oprah so... whatever. :D

K... how many of you paused, hit rewind and went frame by frame over Jerry Seinfeld in his seat when he made that hilarious beaver face? Bwaahahahaha...
And when they were doing the tribute to the music guy... the one who didn't speak any english... they kept flipping back to his seat, wife and possibly his relatives. Did you see Uncle Fester there... I mean besides him being fun to look at... HE LOOKED AT THE CAMERA AND STARTED TO LAUGH... OMG it was hilarious... Edward was killing himself (yes, he was up for the whole show. ---> today is a PD day).

AND Ellen did a fine job... fine performance... and I hope to hell she's busy firing whoever dressed her for the show last night.

Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream... frigging rocks.

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You may not actually be aware of this... but let me enlighten,

The great expanse... the world outside my door,
be it the door of my car, my home or the office
building I'm in... that "great expanse" exists solely
to ensure that there is somewhere for me to go
to get a) good quality coffee and b) chocolate.
Ok ok... it's also good for sourcing semi-flexible rubber paddles,
but that has nothing to do with the motivation for this post.

... and now? I'm off into the great expanse in search of the coffee part...

(clearly it's mid-afternoon).


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I recently heard reference made to the
notion that religion, by definition, is irrational.

This is not debatable... I mean... the concept
of faith is irrational.
So be it.

From this notion I draw some strength in my
"try to be social" need to accept or tolerate
folks and their religious beliefs.

Perhaps I should conclude that some (all?) people
have a need to be irrational ... and if they didn't
have religion... they'd just be irrational in some
other aspect of their life.

And at least with religion there's some child molesters
religious leaders out there to control or contain the
irrational behavior.

So, just as with the notion of Civil Protest...
something we embrace in Western Democracies,
Religion is pretty much a pressure valve.

This also speaks to the issue of why intolerant
governments have historically beaten down civil
protest and ... religious diversity.

Amazing Race 11 Update!!

Amazing Race - The Retread Edition

How To Burn Kentucky

And they're off... goofing around in the very southern parts of South America and discovering that there is absolutely no truth what-so-ever to the notion that Oompa Loompa's are nice.

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