February 25th, 2007


Sunday, February 25

Yesterday... was unbelievable.
Pure blue... nothing but sun and blue sky.
Sadly... we didn't go skiing. (grr)
But we did finish painting the play room...
Now it's time for some of the trimming and the flooring!

Today is a little less perfect than Saturday... but it's a sunday... and that's good enough for me. :)

~ sunday... like a frock! :)
~ ok... jeans and a sweater.
~ clean up...
~ have my cousin and her daughter visit for a coffee on their way out of town.
~ work on central vac...
~ drive Geo to his friends house... (he's off on a sleepover)
~ homedespot! hunting for window-well-trimming wood
~ tonight? Combination, Oscars and Work... sigh, I've a big day with the clients tomorrow.
~ I had a big ol'week off. :)
~ for a little peace to find little Mister Mason, and his family.
~ that the whole counterfeiting business pays off for dewyeyed :)
~ and that seanyoda has a safe trip.

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday dear pookfreak (yesterday). May your celebrations have been epic and the year ahead... filled with wonder. :)

... and I'm all about being a busy boy. :)
Gotta jet. :)