February 23rd, 2007


Friday, February 23

and yes... I actually look like this all the time... I just didn't straighten out for the picture. :)

Oh it's sunny... and I'm in a nice calm place.
A friends' brother - both ex coworkers - had twins... well, his wife had twins. Is nice. :)

The sun is out... and mother nature is pounding back the wintergreen altoids and breathing on everything. :)

~ gray... er, black trim. :D
~ jeans, a t, and a sleeves-are-too-long-soooo-comfy-chiniel sweater.
~ busy morning... focused afternoon.
~ up and morning routine
~ after the school drop off... went to court. :)
~ groceries
~ and home to be a geek. well, not so much a geek as a pencil pushing has-been-geek... telling people how to work their geek. :)
~ something easy for dinner... burgers?
~ more painting... finish. :D :D :D
~ hmmm watch Survivor, if it finishes downloading
~ maybe a game of Magic The Gathering with Suz and the boys - truly fun...
~ maybe a little Grays Anatomy.
~ honestly... pretty much a glorious day. :)
~ to smile at dinkydo... the budding geek. :)
~ to send a whole bunch of lj love down to mexico... :) Heal up well little innerly.
~ and to slip several quiet wishes under teasdale's pillow... some about good sleeps... others about staying awake long enough to earn that good sleep. :)

Her: "And?"
Me: "well... I just don't think I was parked illegally."
Her: "The reporting officer notes that there were three no-parking signs with a few feet of your vehicle."
Me: "Yeah, but..."
Her: "Look... this is your first offense. We'll reduce it by 50%... if you'll agree to pay it now."
Me: "Deal."
A friendly visit to the provincial court house. A nice way to start any Friday. :)


Just... totally TMI and that's that.
Left nostril... hates me.
Snort? Nadda... but I can feel something.
Blow? oh sure... the tickle of impending big blow ... but that's all it is... a tickle. Nothing!
And then... from time to time... a snort or a blow releases a fricking snot-rock - prays it's on the blow cycle...
Only to be followed by the totally dreadful snot-rope. Dear god...
Chants: "It's snot like you to be so stuffy... it's snot, it's snot, it's snot!"

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after much frogging about...

... I have last night's survivor downloading... ever so slooooooooooowly.

If someone has a line on the avi and doesn't mind the bandwidth to hook me up...


(normally... I'd just wait the day and half for the dl... but ... but... )