February 18th, 2007


Sunday, February 18, 2006

Hey look... I got bald and older!@

I handed suz the trimmer last night and said "sheer me!"
She shore.
Without she shells!! :P
Now I can be almost as bald as Brattney.

~ these black "super suit" legging things
~ pj pants
~ ski pants
~ warm sox
~ t shirt
~ sweater
~ ski jacket
~ hat... goggles... gloves...
~ big honking bright red ski boots
~ on putting on the skis and having fun. :)
~ actually... I'm writing at night before bed, 'cause we plan on "up and at'em" early for a "home by 1:00" day of skiing.
~ no other plans for the day except meeting some folks we're giving our old washer and dryer to. :)
~ that ladymeg1 had a great sleep!
~ to send smiles and lj love way out to my little nancy... er... to crayolaphoenix... :)
~ for sylvidoptera to escape the bonds of that headache
~ and for tallashandy ... to be on her game! :)

Happy Birthday laurel714, groovyseque, pertinentwires. We are the cool people... NO QUESTION!

Dear Lj:
Why is it that I can go to the "birthday page" for my friends list and see my name, Amy and Sara... but not see Laurel, even though she lists her b-day as feb 18? Other people who set their year to 0000 show up on the appointed day... why not everybody?

Dear F-list:
It only just came to light with my nominal brain that there is a disconnect between my fl and the birthday page... and therefore, I must miss folks regularly. And I know it's no big deal. But I get my kicks trying to "not miss" anyone's b-day and it blows to realize that I must have been. So... if I did. I'm really sorry. :)

Random thought for the day...
You know that spot on a womans lower back where, if she was all trendy and stuff, she might get a little tattoo? (I call them "peek-a-boo" tattoo's ... mostly 'cuz you see 'em when the woman sits on a bar stool and you look down the back of her pants...) Any ways... you know that spot? K... so wouldn't it be nice if scratching that spot... had the same affect on a woman that it has on a cat. :D

Boy did we ever have fun on Friday night. :)

Our dinning table guests... kinda looks like we're eating with Mike Boogie.

My lovely date and I... :D

Because I am a true "fan boy"... I had my pic taken with "Josie"
(local radio station diva that does the hollywood gossip bit on the morning drive)
(and ... gah! she's fabulous!!!)

There was much skating... ball-gowns on ice... totally rawks... huge!... :D

.. and dancing!

And besides this guy looking so much like mike boogie that it drove us bonkers all night...
Dig the rentacop in the background... bwahahahaha... I wish it didn't have be disrespectful,
cuz I'm sure he's a nice 'nuf guy... but wow!! He just cracks me up!

The evening raised over $35,000 for the community resource centre's womens support programs.
It was a grand affair. :D