February 14th, 2007


Wednesday, February 14

Happy V day ... and don't gimmy that whole "commercialization" vibe. They can't win if you don't buy.
Meanwhile... I'll enjoy the nice vibe that kicks around as peeps anticipate sweetness.

Snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow. Most of it is falling sideways... but I suspect this is because of wind, and not because of any great upset in the rotation of the planet and the laws of gravity. It's a very very very snowy wonderland out there. :) (It's looking mighty pretty... but I know it's looking like $ to the auto body shops)

Case in point: four lanes of traffic on the main road heading back from dropping the boys off at school this morning and a sonata joins from the right... and does several complete 360s across all four lanes. She was alone on the road... we were all just leaving a stop light so we got to watch her flailing across the lanes. It was quite funny. I sure she was utterly terrified. :)
All Hail The Snow Tire.
hail hail hail...

Ok... so cake porn is coming!

~ something red...
~ up early (yes, to-bed ungodly late and up with the chickens... ug!).
~ work work work... and FINISH. fuck'en eh! done ... well, never done, but done this "draft". Feels good. :)
~ eat chocolate...
~ That Mr. Dad... circlek... somehow finds his way to better health soon. Poor family is getting spanked by a flu bug something fierce!
~ for nbbmom to ... enjoy the big overnight ... at work.
~ and that heatherbell doesn't get... um... pecked to death... any time soon. :)

Cake Porn! (brought to the school for "raffel'en off" along with a few dozen other cakes!!!! (wow).

Goose bumps wash across your arms...
Cold night air whispers cruel threats of loneliness,
And a torn page blots fallen tears and worthless ink.
We all know what fear is.
Some even know where it comes from.
Yet few can pull the covers up against that cold air.
The warm hands of friendship will never give up on you.
The trick is to keep breathing and
Alone is only lonely if you stop.
I will always love you.

Friendship never gives up.
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~ k, what eggzack'ly is the flippen deal with network broadcaster websites that tell me "Sorry, this video will not play in your area."
Is it like a scam and nobody actually gets to watch back epi's of their tv shows on the web site or do I just live in some cursed backwater...

~ Karla Homolka (sp?) had a baby.
Dude... I wonder if Black and Decker is gonna sponsor the christening...

~ cost-co... has absolutely cracked the code on making almost anything taste yummi when bite sized portions are served in little paper cuppy things.