February 13th, 2007


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Officially "cross-eyed busy". !!

Bitterly cold... but it's mid February and ... it's kinda normal.

Watched heroes last night... and totally enjoyed it. Big surprise there huh...

~ a mind numbing mask of terror... well, ok "Terror" is a bit harsh.
~ marginal fear mixed with a strong desire to pee.
~ up... dress 'em, feed 'em and drive 'em to school.
~ quick hit at the grocery store on the way home... taco's for dinner
~ mad work freak out as I cram my brain into my keyboard and try to make a reasonable representation of it in a document...
~ doc appointment...
~ tonight? gotta make a cake for a valentines cake raffel at the kds school. I'm thinking several layers of chocolate and with butterscotch icing layers and choco wafer cookies. :)
~ I had more time.
~ or even that I could check my FPs to see what's up... but no flippen way. Busy is the bee of the day.

bwaahahahaha... oh, sometimes I just think funny.