February 12th, 2007


Monday, February 12

So I got a little work done last night... then went for story time with the boys... made a new pot of coffee... imagine finishing a milestone with my project then watching any of the great shows on tape from tonight... Oh, but I went to wake up a napping z after she did story time with Geo (I'm still in LOTR with Edward)...
... and woke up at 3:00 to a lit up house and an unset alarm clock!
turned off the house...
set the alarm...
brusha brusha...
... zonk.

So... bottom line? I got a great sleep last night. :)

~ eh? gray ftls... jeans... t... warm fuzzy... no thinking...
~ gah! total work vibe day...
~ if I get a huge amount of work done... actual television tonight.
~ to just send a good thought out to weswilson ... may all go well. :)
~ for unending patience to wrap up thisismostlyme
~ to press yupjustme's reset button. :)

Birthday moments...
Remember simplyred? Long lost but not forgotten... happy birthday oh heavily formatted text girl. I hope you're well somewhere and enjoying your day.
and to Gerry... Mr. Camera... circlek. Happy Birthday Ger and I hope you and your growing family enjoy a wonderful day and that you are blessed with health and happiness all year.
Oh, and quick hola to little miss happy... tassy. Have a wonderful birthday sugar-t... and I hope things keep on looking good for the year ahead.

I'm more than a little ga ga over the news item concerning the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS (what was it? 8B?) of US dollars that were sent to Iraq as 400,000$ bricks of stacked 100's ... THAT WERE LOST. Let alone that congressional hearings have these people making like it's no biggie. OMFG!

I think the question;
You have got to be kidding me?</b>
... has never been more appropriate.

The concept of the "GRILL"... as in the shit peeps have hooked up on their teeth... fake, temporary, glue, whatever...
If ever there was a way to ensure my first thought is "OMG what a complete idiot"... having a "Grill" is a sure fire winner.

---> poof... vanishes in a puff of work.

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TV Randomness:

~ About Torchwood. Season finale. Hola mano-a-mano lip lock. And the sound of the tardas? hmmm. That was a hulluva ride... I totally dug that show! Huge huge huge.

~ about LOST. Big extra points for the "Wookie Prisoner Exchange" reference...

~ I have the last 11 weeks of Gray's Anatomy on the PVR... have they been new? hmmmm