February 11th, 2007


Sunday, February 11

You awake?
Me... well, yeah, sorta.

Okidoki... another in a short line of perfect winter days and I'm not at a ski hill.
This is not the stuff of my extended happiness but alas (earwax) skiing just didn't work out for this weekend.

Skating did... :)
(See youtube below).
I gotta say... when your little guys are cold and crusty from walking in bazzing cold, looking at ice sculptures... strap some skates on 'em and turn 'em loose on the Rideau canal. We skated four kms by the crow... and about six hundred and eighty seven km in circles all over the place... :)

~ gray ftls and warm fuzzy things you pull on when you are dragged out of bed on a sunday by kids wanting to play...
~ like... pj pants
~ todays plan... make another small cheese cake (have to use up the whipping cream... sheesh), add a new drop to the central vac for the tv room in the basement... (so I can get busy with some more drywalling later this week), go skating on our neighborhood pond, work on my client report for a few hours tonight...
~ that ratonil ... discovers if it's a boy or a girl (cat!!!!) soon. :)
~ for cerulean_me's insides to ... stop vibrating.
~ I had bumped into harleydog at Winterlude yesterday.

Air Canada is officially nominated for the Most Meaningless Tag Line In The Universe award.
"Air Canada... The freedom to fly your own way."
~ no seriously. They actually say this, and print this, in their current ad campaign.
The mind boggles.


Hi. :)