February 10th, 2007


Saturday, February 10

Yes I know... It's Saturday. Shhh.
I loved my friday picture sooo much, and my web host was soooo screwed...
well... I didn't want to miss out on sharing it, so...
PRESTO... a Saturday post. :)

It's sunny and lovely... cold and nasty... and likely a day we'll spend on the Rideau Canal on skates and drinking in the last of the WinterLude Festival... along with overpriced hot chocolate. Me'thinks there'll be a downtown-colonaide pizza in our day.

~ bit of a cliche these days... but...
~ blue ftls, blue jeans and a blue t.
~ I promise to wear something colourful for the warm fuzzy part later. :)
~ to cajole my wife into picking a colour for the basement play room. We actually bought small cans of what we thought we were gonna use. I painted up some sample drywall... and we hate both of them. (the colours). However... time, as is it's want, is slipping the phuque away! grrrr.
~ skating? Downtown party time on the canal with skates, kids and warm stuff!!
~ we had more milk. I think I have to make a grocery run.
~ I hadn't passed out last night before I was ready to!

Yesterday... well, the last few days, have been all about "THE GIANT FREAK OUT" that goes on when I run down the last days of a contract deliverable. OMG I was a bag of primed mousetraps and a marble... being shaken by a ten year old.

Soooo by last night... reading time with Ed... ended as Aragorn and the "company" struggled with their choice of east versus west towards the very end of TFOTR. Sadly the night did too. I woke up on his bed... neck kinked all over the place... to find half the house still on, the clock blabbing away about it being somewhere between 2 and 3, and everybody else in my family snugged up asleep in my bed.

It was a challenge to get up out of his bed... and then struggle into mine... slipping sardine-like between other bodies nestled there, only to "blink blink" awake in the early morn, but just too stiff to rise and shine.
bottom line:
(sing it with me) waaaaaking up is haaaar-arrrrd to do.

...k . :)
Have a brilliant Saturday.