February 9th, 2007


Friday, February 9

(ps. something is AMOK at my hosting company... so I can't upload the great pic I have of Edward and I. When it's fixed... I'll upload. :D -hence, last weeks friday picture.)

Holy sunshine batman... it's just freezing and gorgeous outside.

Yesterday, out of nowhere, my back ... only on one side (right) and right on my shoulder blade... low... came unbelievable pain. Like a knot that was totally all about torturing me for fun and excitement. I mean... I would start to sneeze, but the body movement necessary would set off the pain and the sneeze would stifle as I cringed. It was pretty much sucking the fun out of the universe. I did the hot-pack and roll around on a tennis ball thing... got Z to rub it... had both boys working on it... but it just wouldn't quit.
It's somewhat improved today... I mean... I could sneeze now but... I can still feel it. ug.


The boys have a PD day today, so they slept in a bit and I just finished making pizza and corn-dogs... er... is a "pogo" a corn-dog? Lunch of champions for the boys.
Me? Grapefruit and the a few pieces of raisin toast. :) Big lunch coming up later.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ and warm stuff...
~ but that all changes in an hour... when I dress for a lunch "work" meeting. :( ah well...
~ wave to z as she leaves for a killa early meeting ...
~ up early (but not as early as the girl)... work work work...
~ client "phone" meeting (she's in Quebec City) at 8:30
~ project team teleconference at 9:00
~ work work work
~ work team meeting at a road-house at 12:00...
~ work like a mad man all afternoon...
~ send an "as at this moment in time" draft to my client at the end of the day...
~ and then close it down till Monday morning. :)
~ write about Survivor...
~ Busy and hopefully fun weekend ahead. :)
~ d'ya remember Lianna? long time ago LJ super-girl... one of my clients looks just like her. Just say'en... brought sweet Lianna to mind. :)
~ to make several wishes for things to be going extra fine for sugar-ly... innerly.
~ and ... for agateway, some wishes that things are healing up well. :)

Birthday moments?
~ well there was one... but the magic Birthday Ninjas have struck again and the birthday I was sure was today... has vanished.

Lj thing... add the community lj_releases to your default view. For example... big release coming out next week.
who knew? hahaha... sigh. This (LJ) is a toy to me... but I know it's business and work to a lot of people... so power to ya. :)

I cannnnnnnnnnnnot believe how on-the-band-wagon or down-right judgmental people have been over the years (let alone now) about Anna Nicole Smith.
Hot blond does the playboy thing and builds the sort of career you might just expect from a playmate.
She drank to excess?
~ OMG ... you're kidding! Gah... who does that anymore....
She did drugs?
~ NO WAY ... really? And she worked in the entertainment industry?
She had plastic surgery?
~ You have got to be kidding me... oh wait... she worked in California... isn't plastic surg a regulated State requirement for employment?

No seriously... she was ... at several different points in her short life... stunningly beautiful in that classic blond bombshell kinda way... and she was smart enough to marry a billionaire gerry case and fight tooth and nail for the cash when he kicked. For this people ridiculed her... No doubt all of those people were paragons of fair play and upstanding lifestyles.
Personally... I think paying 300$ to have your cat spayed or $2000 to have a retainer fit to your teeth is a far worse anal rape and displays far more despicable behaviors on the part of professionals than anything this train-wreck of a woman ever did.
Now she's dead.
I think she deserves a little better than derision.

Hows your cat?
Purrrcy is a ball of FREAK-OUT today...
Suz came home from her early meetings to say several other co-workers mentioned nutty-cat-behavior last night.
Was it a full moon?

... k... time to get back.
Have a grand friday yo.
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Survivor XIV Updates!!

Survivor XIV: The Toilet-Seat Edition

When Jimmy Neutron Grows Up...

Where in... nineteen sets of well polished teeth set about the task of seeing who can out stupid who. We got JJ, The Tick, Jimmy frick’en Neutron and ... god as my witness... Julia Sugarbaker!! Just to name a few. It’s like we’re channeling old tv shows and strange cartoons. Anyways... the theme is "The Haves! And The Have Nots!" with a toilet seat in one camp and sweetfuckall in the other. Looks like fun. Oh, and personally, I’m praying Jimmy Neutron has super human strength.

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