February 8th, 2007


Thursday, February 8

(psycho killer face day)
Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
Run run run run run run run away

You know...
I'm pretty much over any cold I had...
feeling good and healthy...
even getting good sleeps (when I sleep)...
... and I'm stuck at my desk, hour after hour, slave'en away on this project.

Meanwhile... glorious sunshine and crisp winter days and frolicking outside my window. Grrr!
I do believe I'll go for a lunch hour walk. :D

~ maroon ftls
~ more of the blue jean vibe
~ a t and lots of warm fuzzy.
~ another day totally buried under my project.
~ WATCHING SURVIVOR TONIGHT.... Hello... This is your reminder. :D
~ staying up all night ... working on my project.
~ communing with the debbil and trading my everlasting soul for ... the capacity to finish my project.*
~ to send big congrats out to a new Aunty. My real life friend and journal buddy, just1girl has become an Aunt for the first time. Big excitement in that household!

* us non-religious types... get to mess with the "soul" thing. Fear not. I had my fingers crossed.

We wont have much impact on global warming and environmental protection unless we change our thinking on how legislation on this issue is drafted. The shakers and movers are all still constrained by rules created in the 50's, 60's, and 70's ... and dude... it's a whole new world out there.
They were talking about Polar Bears on the radio today... and the problems they face due to climate change.
The US is talking about adding them to the endangered or "threatened" list.
Um... exactly why? So we can force exploration in the north to go fly a kite because it's now sacred land?
Or maybe so we can make it illegal to hunt polar bears... which would screw with the economies of many northern communities, not to mention ensure they are OVERRUN by polar bears.
They are not threatened or endangered because of over hunting or because their natural habitat is being devastated by exploration.
Climate change is affecting them.
So get with the program and make laws that have to do with how we impact the climate.
Putting polar bears on the threatened list is a lot like slapping a band aide on the welt that rises up beside the hole through your body made by an elephant gun.

Printed off a dozen "Math Practice Sheets" keyed to what Geo is working on in his Grade 6 math class.
We stopped "kumon"... ages ago and it's starting to show.
So I'm gonna be "evil dad" tonight and lay down some "Math Revision Schedules" with him until he's pulled his soxs up. :(
... Warcraft... is a wonderful Carrot. :D

... see ya.

(no subject)

~ Ed got another "spy" toy at his birthday... a "spy tracker". You put a small thing somewhere and turn it's little on/off switch on... then the "tracker" hand-held thing does the beep beep beep be-be-be-beeeeeep as you get closer. So you can basically "find" the thing where ever anyone hides it. fun. Yeah, well never mind that... The tracker hand-held thing ... tracks Geo's computer monitor. Not Ed's monitor or either of our flat panels... but if his monitor is on... the beep beep thing immediately starts tracking it.

~ My computer, on my desk at home... generates this very distinctive noise in the speakers when my cell phone is going to ring. ... BEFORE it rings. Kinda torchwood.

~ Torchwood... speaking of... I'm almost done the season... with only the final "double" season ender to watch. I have to say, besides liking the show... I don't like Gwens mate. He's a bit of a dick. Tries to be nice 'nuf but... dude... I mean ... she was a constable before torchwood... her career was always going to be invasive and off putting. Now? He's just a big whiney thing. Bah. Oh and man... Owen... has a look. Dunno what it is... but he has this fake face look thing to me. Like his mouth was added after the fact or something. Tis odd.

~ My pvr is taping survivor... ... double and tripple checked. :)