February 7th, 2007


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It is a rare and terrifying thing,
when life's little brew conspires...
to wreak havoc beyond the measure
of any mere mortal.

Not altogether unlike mocking laughter,
the pungent, prolonged and muted call arrives,
heralding the inescapable assault
that will be soon upon me...

Such is the demonic symphony of my evening.
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Wednesday, February 7

~ getting ready to zoom away to take the boys to school... "geo k'mere... " (click).

Flipp'en cold.
Brilliant sunshine.
... and a deadline looming. ;(

~ blue ftls, blue jeans, gray t and warm fuzzy. :)
~ madness... work stress eating my brain.
~ tonight... hopefully time to watch LOST. :)
~ I had another week... but alas... I have two days.

Birthday moment...
Just a wee note to send out to a friend... Happy birthday Allison. (no)
May the year ahead bring doors to your path... and, if you've the time and inclination to open them... may they lead to wonderful things.
You're worth it, sugar-no. And you are welcome to define "it" any ol'way ya like.

Geek Question:
What's with the wireless geek called "Wireless-N" that shows up on a lap top specification, when the other laptops from the same vendor talk about Wireless 802.11 b/g?
I grok the 802.11 b/g thing... But what's the "Wireless-N" all about?

"THUMP" <-- see that? That's the sound of my brain bonking around in side my skull... or at least, that's what it feels like.
Advil... Motrim... something start helping and soon please.

:) See ya.


One and half cups of graham cracker crumbs...
smooshed about with a third of a cup of soft butter and maybe a sprinkle of white sugar.
smoosh smoosh smoosh...
Then... smoosh that stuff into the bottom of a 7x11 glass rectangle pan...
press it into the bottom...
and pop it in the over at 350 for 10 mins.

k... so far so good... you've got 10 minutes... actually 15... so the pan can cool for a few mins.

two thirds of a package of philly cream cheese.
I use 2/3s because that way it's not a whole package... and not a huge cake. (7x11!!)
one cup of whipping cream... a drop or two of vanilla and a couple of teaspoons of icing sugar.

er... where was I?
OH yeah... DING... the oven reminds you it's been 10 minutes.
Out with the pan and back to WHIPPING IT GOOD.
Electric stationary (IS THE LOVE) or a hand held mixer.
Whip it way good. It fluffs up.
When it's good and fluffed... scoop it into the pan, on top of the graham crust.
Spread it around and put the whole deal in the fridge for an hour (min, and overnight is best).

Spread some cherry pie filling or some fresh fruit on it, cut and serve an incredible, delectable, no eggs, low-in-sugar, cheese cake.
Wicked Good!!!!