February 6th, 2007


Tuesday, February 6

um... holy two headed monster batman!!

Dude... is c-c-c-c-cold. But I'm not really complaining. It's just... really kind of amazing... how freaking cold it gets... and everybody just keeps'on'truck'en. Everything squeaks with that frozen plastic crunch ... brrr!


~ gray ... well, gray with black trim... and new... (love) ftls
~ jeans
~ long sleeve warm... and a fuzzy warm hoodie
~ leave the thermostat down in the day. :)
~ to see my folks tonight... :D :D :D :D
~ work work work... I'm so flipp'en swamped. It's all about "creating" a report at this stage and it's maddening to find focus and roll with it.
~ finish a game of star wars monopoly... :D
~ I knew how fun it would be to actually meet my far-flung lj peeps for random coffees on a some kind of a globe trotting adventure ... :D
~ to send a squeeze out to uniclycommon
~ and for the world famous Ewt (ewtikins)... to banish the six hour evil throat!

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday out to mr frosty... (frostbyte). May there be no wood-chippers in your future. I hope you are well my friend, and that the people you keep close, are keepen happy and healthy.

Ok, so I'm say'en... it's a poor tribute to Alec Guinness ... the way they just scratched him out and put McGregor in there!!! Dude must be rolling over in his... Jedi robes.

Just because I love you...
Don't think that means forever.
It does... but I'm not counting.

Just because you're my lover...
Don't expect me to be faithful.
I will... but it hardly matters.

I draw breath ... to prolong this life.
Would that it could last forever...
In love, and faithfully yours.

K... time to go. :)
Have a great day.
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