February 5th, 2007


Monday, February 5

Just say'en... MINUS 40 is freaking cold yo!


~ fancy spancy day...
~ full jacket-n-tie kinda day.
~ up early, Ed to school early... and on a conference call by 8:30 as I drive to the office (Ed can't get to school before 8:30 - school rules)
~ 9:30 big meeting downtown...
~ 12:30 vast summit of all involved in the project (like... 50 people) for the rest of the day...
~ OH WAIT... Suz - left at 7:00 to take Geo to CHEO (hospital) for a breath test thing... FORGOT her purse. ahhhhhhhh!
~ so ... contract courier to deliver her purse to her before 11:00 (end of breathing tests)...
~ I could sit and read... but this is coming to you "live" from a packed board room... :( :D hahaha...

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday dear towanda... May you be ever in the embrace of open minds and warm hearts. :)

gotta go! :)