February 1st, 2007


Thursday, February 1

We woke up at... 8:07. This is not good. I mean... I must have been up with the 7:00 beeeep meeeep beeeep meeeep but... no recollection.
Regardless... up at 8:07 and everyone hit a dead run to be at work and school on time.
Signing the boys in "late" at school... saying hi to the office ladies...
I got home... to see our builder's handi-man dude waiting for me to open up so he can check stuff...
I deal with him for a while... say goodbye...
... and then look in the mirror.


Clearly, with all the coffee issues in my past, I must have - at some point - been exposed to the proper spelling of the word caffeine. However... Looking it up required a trip to m-w.com to hear the darn thing because the spelling looked utterly foreign.
[:: Caffeine :: ]

Now... speaking of m-w.com... please let me take a moment to remind you that this...
[:: Cocksucker :: ]
... simply never gets old. The tone of voice... the whole deal. Yes it's NSFW on speakers... because, d'uh... it's the word cocksucker.
But there is no way between here and the deep blue sea that you can click that, listen to it, and not laugh.

It's a bit gray today... clouds... not so freezing.
A quiet day... a good day for hunching over your work and keeping the coffee fresh and hot.

~ dk green ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ a t and warm stuff...
~ having folded three pairs of pants and put them in the "on deck for give away" pile. If, in a month, I've not gone to that pile... they're gone. :D I know... I have clothing-replacement issues. I mean... I love new clothes... but I have trouble chucking old - but still fine - stuff.
~ more of the same... deadlines loom... client feedback gets me hopping. :(
~ rise of the cybermen... with the boys. :D (dr. who).
~ maybe a little torchwood when the wee hours get here...
~ again with the "I wish the days had 30+ hours" vibe. Couldn't we just arrange some big engineering project to cause the earth's rotation to slow down? What would be the harm?

Just one more from m-w.com...
I like how the pronounce his name...
[:: George Bush :: ]

k... busy busy busy :D
See ya soon.