January 31st, 2007


Wednesday, January 31

Another beautiful day. It started out ... brrrr cold... then a little snow... and now? It's all about the sunshine and blue sky! It's even warming up a bit.

Big news? Our neighbors... the couple that moved in a month before us... had two boys out boys ages... the ones that nailed a "for sale" sign onto their lawn a week after we moved in? (divorce)... they finally sold their house. Now my fingers and toes are crossed that there'll be someone nice move in... perhaps even with boys close to our boys ages? Hmmmm?

Stunningly... I'm a bundle of energy these days. Well... ok, I don't actually feel like I am... but I still manage to get fifty million things done from wake up to pass out. I suppose I will get old one day and have to slow down a bit. :) On that subject... I got two more coats of paint on two of the doors in the new part of the basement last night. Oh, and big fun... Hilti Gun boy was here yesterday too. This means the new wall in the tv room has been "nailed" to the cast iron beam above it. He let me take a few of the shots... Suz even gave it a go. BLAM and holy powerful batman. Now I'm looking for some big ... looooong 2x10's. - boxing in another beam.

~ blue ftls
~ beige jeans
~ blue t and nice warm cream coloured sweater. :)
~ answer the door... when "Spackle Man" comes back, and let him do his thing...
~ answer my email ... when boss man and his ilk call to check up, impart grand wisdom, and other lovely bits.
~ for ectv to ... need less advil!
~ that evangelinaarion is careful where she puts that radio...
~ for bramey ... to find her happy place and have a seat. :)
~ oh, and to say that I do hope all is well with odyssey_road's dad. :)

What's all this about Global Warning?
Warning about what?
Ohhhh the UNITED NAAAAATIONs is all about Global Warning.
We have news media... all over the place.
Politicians and families...
We warn one another just fine thank you very much.
We get our info back and forth over the net, from TV and books.
There's plenty of ways to warn us already thanks.
No need to go out of your way...
For example... back... 10 years ago, when everybody with a
brain realized that carbon emissions were going to destroy the planet...
WE ALL KNEW. Where were you?

cold medicine makes your poo hard

We've booked a ski vacation at Mont Tremblant.
Just a few days... nice hotel... fun for the kids
and kick ass skiing for all of us. early march!
Kind of excited. :D :D

K... see ya.

Survivor XIV Update!!

Survivor XIV: Fiji


Where in... I give you a set of pictures ganked from the CBS Web site, and then I mix up lies, damn lies, and a bit of truth, blabbing about this seasons line up of people who will LOSE! I'm wrong about one of them... but I'm right about the other eighteen!!!
Now... let's see who we've got to work with this time around...

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