January 30th, 2007


Tuesday, January 30

K... so I called the builders last week to say that I'd had enough of the hole in my family room ceiling. I paid to have two channels in the ceiling insulated and pre-wired for "rear speakers" from the tv zone. When I cut the ceiling - where the wires were hanging - it revealed ... copper pipes. After much effort and screwing around, the conclusion is that I can't put the recessed speakers into the ceiling. (Grrrrr!)

It's a spackled ceiling... you know, that "texture" stuff. So builder "handy-man" guy comes over first thing today to cut and patch the ceiling.
I drive the boys to school and when I'm home again, he's mostly done and needs to let it dry before the next step. He does, however, hold up a can of "Spray on PATCH Spackle". Never tried it before and "did I have some old drywall to test it on". So we go down the the giant work-in-progress basement and grab a piece of drywall. He reads the instructions and gives it a couple of careful ... very careful squeezes on the trigger... Almost nothing comes out... (holding the sample drywall bit on the ceiling in the basement to try with the spray can upright, etc.).

So, brainiac that I am... I pipe up with "Well... you'll prol'y have to give'er a little bit to see some results..."
And he does.

Let's review:
~ Tall guy holding small piece of drywall on the ceiling with one hand,
~ and in the other hand... a can of industrial strength, high pressure, instant spackle... about 6 inches from the previously mentioned drywall.
~ in front of him? Me... standing there with a coffee.

In the heartbeat of time that he held down the trigger... several hundred million blobs of wet goopy spackly stuff erupt from the nozzle of this can with pretty much the same muzzle velocity of a photon torpedo launched from Enterprise D. All that goopy spackle hits the 6 INCHES AWAY drywall and changes direction from UP to EVERY OTHER POSSIBLE DIRECTION IN THE WORLD. I was blown backwards into a pile of wood and drywall... (remember the coffee) and he was sent back towards the windows. Both of us... covered from head to toe in goop. I washed my face and wiped off my sweatshirt before the photo. :D

I was clutching at my gut and gasping for breath... we were laughing so hard. omg.

~ well... now? Old chenille sweater
~ spackl'ee jeans... (only the front...)
~ full on / hard at it, with work stuff... gotta give my client reports today.
~ watch some Studio 60... ps. Love the pvr... had no idea it was on and new LAST week... but the pvr recorded it anyways. :) Same with BSG, actually...
~ door painting. Didn't get to that last night... but I did finish sanding and painting the window wells. There is so much "detail" work in the basement... it's daunting.
~ for kataish to feel loads better.
~ that I would feel loads better... (head still packed in like one of those buses in columbia that typically careens off a mountain road.)
~ for agateway to continue feeling better... to heal up well... and turn that page!!
~ and for my sweet and distant friend, pamdewind to survive her little nippers first day of kindergarten :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little miss super mommy, angryvixen. I hope you get through today finding a smile... but mostly that the hands of good health wrap you and your baby up for the year ahead and that you spend it making wonderful memories... Ok... Jerr and Blake can be "in on" the good health vibes too! :D
And a happy birthday wish out to doodle... have a wonderful day Jen and I hope the year ahead ... is as free from drama as it can be. :)

Little Purrrcy went into the vet this morning... no eating or drinking and ... they're giving her the chop.
No little kittens in her future.
She comes home this 'aft.

Today... time is not my buddy.
I've none of it.
gotta go. :)
See you soon.

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[ :: click me to go to YouTube and see the lovely bride on her special day, drinking in the magic. :: ]

OMFG this is halarious... I mean... I feel bad for her... but OMFG!!!! When the scissors come out... holy crap man... :D

Edit: Don't bother... it was (and has since been removed) the now famous fake bridezilla freak out over her hair. I applaud this kind of thing and a little jealous at how cool it is to "create" media of this nature. To the girls that made this (sponsored, btw, by a hair product company)... applause applause!