January 29th, 2007


Monday, January 29

Well... I'm still sick. Fortunately I don't have to stand around outside shivering. My office is warm and I have a big ol'box of kleenex to work through.
The bottom of my nose... around the nostrils... is just so darn sore. "Tender" from wwwway to much time blowing giant fountains of snot all over the planet. Er... too much info? :D haha... Well it's funny now, but I'm gonna have to shave tomorrow and it's gonna freaking kill. :(

There is enough sunshiney-goodness going on outside to drive a person wild with the desire to rush outside and frolic.
Fortunately it's so amazingly cold that the frolic is cut short and replaced with that sound a small dog makes when you close a door on it's tail... as you rush back into the house.

~ blue jeans and a tee. :)
~ full day ... in the office... going crazy. gotta deliverable due tomorrow.
~ tonight? Hmmm... door painting... among other job-jar-joy.
~ that little dee-dee... dinkydo manages to not get lost in all that nest. :)
~ for alachicky to find all the time she needs to load up her new toy!! (mind out of gutter people... sheesh!! iPod!)
~ to congratulate canuckgirl on any and all achievements... Just think how great it will feel if you pack three or four weeks like that in? Hmmm. :D
~ and for a whole lot less snot in the world of my own personal little-debby (debby). :)

Birthday moment.
Today is the birthday of my sweet african queen... darl'en teaser. A woman who has stood by me, looked out for me, and showered me with critical support and lovely prezzies ... in fact, everyone in my family has received prezzies from Nola-sugah! I will never ever run out of the hope and desire that will drive me, eventually, to south africa to visit relatives and ... d'uh... YOU, Mario and Jason. (and z'dogs, of course). My biggest wish is that when that day comes, I will be able to bring my boys so that can see the wonder of life in SA. Thank you for your friendship Nola... and please accept the love and care that lives in my heart and wants to burst every time I see your name. You validate almost everything grand about the internet and the ability to reach out and touch someone so far away. Have a lovely birthday sugar.

I don't know everything...
Well d'uh.
But I do know a few things.
One of them... is that life is a hell of a lot longer than it looks when you're on the shitty end of a stick.
Sometimes it's just hard...
Hard to see how things will change or how someone can change.
Hard to imagine how you can stop worrying...
Hard to feel ... when feeling is so absent.

So let me tell ya ...
No matter how dark the horizon... there will come a dawn that bathes your world in a new light.
It prol'y wont come tomorrow... shit, it may take years.
But dude... it took you years to screw things up this bad... it's gotta be ok for it to take years to sort it out again.
You've got time.
You've got lots of tomorrows...
Yes. They'll run out.
So maybe... don't waste 'em.

If you live to be bummed... then power to you and ignore everything I've said.
But I find that kind of person is wicked rare.
More often than not... it's a kindred spirit that I come across who laments a mistake, wishes for improved relations, can't find the love or just cannot figure out how to be happy again.
To those friends... I can lend a supportive hand and point to the clock, the calendar ... the horizon and ask;
What are you going to do today to make it possible for things to be better?

Science geeks
question: If you had a biosphere of some sort that you could establish as a complete ecology to, for example, grow a potato, ... where does the mass of the potato come from? I mean... if you had your little biosphere and could weigh it. You have an exact weight. Then a potato grows... When it's done... the total weight can't be greater. You can't get something from nothing. So... the weight of the potato must have been sucked from the biosphere. With that assumption in mind... what part of the biosphere lost the lions share of the weight that was transfered to the potato? Air, soil, water?

Ok... time to get back. :)
Have a great day.