January 27th, 2007


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OMG!!! I am sooooo sick

~ Edwards burrrrthday is today.

At about 8:00 last night... I just up and became a guy-with-a-bad-cold.
At about 11:00 last night... I thought I was gonna be the first guy I know to DIE of a cold.
So I did... and I've become a zombie.
Zombies, as you likely already knew, don't sleep.... or eat... well, maybe brains, but I guess I'm not that far along yet.
But the no sleep and can't eat thing... IN THE BAG.
Sunken features... drawn expression... strange liquids flowing endlessly?
Yesirree... zombie.

I was out of bed and watching pvr'ed episodes of boston legal at about 5:00 am...
and moaning like a zombie.

We bailed on the kids ski lessons and made it to Laser Quest for 12:00ish ... zombified.
Edwards "friends" birthday party was all afternoon at the laser place... pizza and lasers.
The zombie even played a game ... carrying a box of kleenex and doing the zombie shuffle.
No really... dry ice fog... haunting music... flashing lights and (of course) black light (Hello Ross's teeth), laser beams cutting the air everywhere...
Perfect place for a zombie.

I'm hopped up on every cold medication I own and a few I bought on the way home from laser zombie land.
Been in bed ever since.
I've come to realize that the whole zombie thing is way boring... until - I suppose - the "wanting brains" part kicks in.
So far, it's all about moaning, mopping up the liquids and laying down praying for a quick and painless death.
Oh wait... zombie.
Already dead.

Kill me now.
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