January 26th, 2007


Friday, January 26

(looks at pic... thinks... they always make the crazy people in slasher movies smile like that...)

Friday... never fails to be the busiest day of the week for me.
Ah well... (checks pulse) I'm not dead... so life is great! :D

Hey... food prOn!

Ed left with a giant box of cup-cakes today.
One of the most likely reasons the kids in his class always say "Hi Edward's Dad" to me when I'm at the school...

It's been a flipp'en cold day... minus whatever with wind and math it's like minus 77,000 or something. (er, ok -33)
And that's plenty cold.
I'll be curious to hear from Geo about how the skiing was today.

~ starts in a tie...
~ but ends in a blue fuzzy warm thing...
~ up and at-em extra fast to make it downtown in time for a team meet'en
~ client meetings later...
~ and home again to chomp down on that "writing bullet" again.
~ tonight? helping my nephew recover a dead hard disk, and reinstall his system... la la la...
~ to congratulate krzy getting the Mz Smarty Pants award... :D

As I read around,
I am well reminded,
How easily my friends page slips from a bunch of fun loving criminals to a small group of friends facing a life-is-harsh-sometimes kinda moment, day, week, whatever.
So I wanted to send out a quiet little vibe, hoping for those feelings of personal power and confidence to reassert themselves.
The collected thoughts of so many friends, over so much time... has made it abundantly clear, that in some things we are all the same.
It doesn't help when you're in the moment, but maybe when healing begins or perspective clears, you could hold onto the idea that your friends have been there too.
They may not wear it on their sleeves or be much use in talking about it... but a pain shared is a pain understood.
And such is the foundation of support.

Now... run around using the (empty*) coffee pot as goggles.
Guaranteed to make you laugh.

* Another stellar moment in the history of liquors impact on society.

Glosette Raisins are yummi.
and just because it's the ultimate in unrelated subjects,
we have wild turkeys in our back yard. Like... that live there.
I'm hoping to get a good picture but I can't imagine how I'm going
to do justice to just how freaking enormous these things are!!
(wicked waddle!!)

K, see ya. :)