January 25th, 2007


Thursday, January 25

The face of Mr. Busy... :)

My little guy... Geo, is off after school to go overnight to a ski resort for a truant-friday of ski fun. Lucky duck. :)

It's gorgeous outside... but stupid cold. Like "with the wind chill... it's minus 32" gah!
I'm packing extra warm things for Geo.

Oh, and last night... I changed the furnace filter (now that I'm done one stage of sanding)... and *GASP* I forgot to turn the furnace back on.
Dude... it was 14 in our house when I woke up at 6:00. double-gah!!!

After a brrrr start... it's back to lovely in here and ... eventually, I'll have to venture forth.
Brrr again. :)

~ jeans and a warm blue fuzzy
~ but such comfort is fleeting... I've got a meeting downtown later...
~ now cliche morning... up, dress'em, feed'em, and drive'em to school.
~ work work work. Work is decidedly strange of late.
~ downtown for a meeting at 4:00
~ future shop later...
~ more painting tonight.
~ I had a spare second.

It is from the chaos of military conflict that the greatest tragedies result.
Nowhere else can there be more need of conventions, rules of engagement and respected prohibition.
The cruel slam of a doors last closing... the judgment and emotional devastation of a heart breaking
What need for compassion is greater? What care should be more urgently taken?
Never mind the old words. They offer no excuse.
All is most definitely not fair in love and war.

... k, gotta jet.

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~ almost done reading "Fellowship of the Ring" to edward. :)

~ must bake two dozen sweet-cup'en-cakes. (white on white for the no choco cake boy)
Tradition dictates that we send a cup cake for every kid in his class... on his birthday day at school.

~ some words for thinking;
If you still it's cool to be judgmental
you're pretty much advertising your lack of judgment.
A common trait among the young... and stupid.