January 24th, 2007


Wednesday, January 24

So right about the time I was saying... "ok, I think I'll go down and set up the painting extravaganza" I was also saying... hmmm... mind if I just snuggle up here while you watch [ insert name of the endless design and remodeling shows on HGTV ] for a few minutes.
This was at 11:00.
Other than a wee dash up the stairs to our bed proper at some ungodly hour... that was my last wakeful moment till the beeeep beeeep beeeep.
Heaven. :)

Today is all about cold, sunshine and being busy.
I'm spending it in my office... drinking very fresh coffee...

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ and something warm and blue. :)
~ going into the office... to get some work done!
~ need to sort out some confusion with my project, and get a report together.
~ tonight? er... two for two nights, no go with the painting startup... maybe tonight. :)
~ you could feel how relaxed a long sleep makes me feel.
~ to send some quiet little vibes out to teasdale... for comfortable sleeping, and pleasant waking.
~ that beachdog gets a ginormous Pelosi poster for his birthday.
~ and to smile at bramey... creating miracles... one baby at a time. :)

So... state-of-the-union.
Everybody on side now?
All convinced up that the ... uh... "Decider" has everything in control and is a master planner?

Sharing... :)
The office.

no really... the office.
(and ignore the hair!)

peace. :)
er... peace-man! :D