January 19th, 2007


Friday, January 19

Dear flu season:
You are not welcome here... in fact... If I was a black dude that plays a doctor... I'd likely call you a faggot until you ran away screaming to Oprah or Babbrah! or someone. One person in my house waking up and running to the bathroom to yell at Huey is enough. I don't want the kids to get it... and I am already battling some kind of bug that's playing canasta with my digestion. Bottom line: you've had zebra... now go!!

prays to the gods of all that is beautiful and good in the world... I do not want to have a puking flu. I am wwwwwwwwway too busy for that.

~ Non-FC stuff...
~ a big maroon chenille blanket wrapped around for warmth and comfort.
~ sit under the blanket, on the sofa, snacking on comfort food, and madly trying to prepare a sensible document for my client... a draft is due today...
~ the LAST night of basement playroom mudding and sanding!!! If this goes as well as I hope... we'll be painting this weekend. Well... "primer painting".
~ to send a nice long ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww out to nbbmom
~ for deep sustaining breaths... to fill the world of kendokamel
~ and to truly, madly, deeply... wish for some peace, love and happiness to wash over my friend indianasweetie.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday damny ... may you and your little Brooke have an absolutely wonderful first year together. (and I hope you take of your little mommy self and get all the sleep you need).

Dear nero 7;
you are the sex and I love you.
lets be special friends...
you can play with my toys in your panties.

you just cannot imagine
well, maybe you can
but I like to think
it's beyond everybody,
how much I love my boys.
they hear it ever day
every single day
and I wouldn't have it
any other way.

K... gotta jet. :)

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A DVD burned with Nero Vision... (Dr. Who episode)... Looked like it was fine on the computer... but I get a "Playback prohibited by area restrictions" on my dvd player...


Ok, so fine... epi 10 season 1 in the land of many torrents...
is the only offender, so far.

:D So we just sat and watched it on the computer.

(just say'en... some of these epi's are friggen scary :D fun!)