January 18th, 2007


Thursday, January 18

Turn to the right... er your left... my right. :)

Got a tonne done last night... (that's a canadian ton). Ripping out... redoing... trying to be anal about the mudding thing so I don't have any regrets when the paint goes up.

The Dr. Who Extravaganza continues... although the only torrents of Season 1, episode 10 + I can drag down have some wonky codec that makes it necessary to use this "video lan player" application to watch'em on your pc... which I don't want to do anyways. Sadly, though... the file is not readable by the dvd creator software... so I have to convert the wonky codec mpeg/avi to a dvd format using an external converter. I had winAVIconverter installed (found a code and everything) but ... it sucks.. fails to run without all kinds of hassles.

Sooooo my question is... What's a good format converter free download that I can try? I've tried a couple of google links... but I'm jonesing for advice.

It's cloudy, cold and snowy... Just like January should be. :)

~ Non-CF* clothing... (jeans and a tee)
~ long day... documents... writing... reading...
~ creativity day.
~ oh, and waiting for a guy with something called a "hilti gun" (sp?) to show up and blast fasteners through some wood into the beams in the basement...
~ tonight? more basement... :) Gah... we should be painting soon.
~ for a whole lotta "feel'en better" to wash over bronxelf_ag001
~ a happy anni to ca_blondi
~ for soft skin... on my little shoo

*CF - client facing. :)

Did you read about what went down at the "hang 'em high" ex-Iraqi dictator club when they tried to carry out death sentences on those other two guys?
Dude... grizzly. Apparently 8 feet is a few too many to drop a Secret Police Killing Machine when you have a noose around his neck. I wonder if it made a popping sound when it came off?
FYI: Iran and Singapore hold the gold for the most so-called-lawful female hangings, worldwide, since '98.

Purrrrcy is a serious tummy kitty.
She loves to have her tummy rubbed... scratched and rubbed some more. :)
When you look at all like your thinking of bending down to scratch her... there is an audible *thump* as she falls over on her side to flip onto her back and begin chanting "rub ma belli... rub ma belli"... (well, ok, she's saying it cat language, but I can translate!

When does Heroes kick in again?