January 16th, 2007


Tuesday, January 16

The official "pulling a face" photo. :D

Nothing but blue sky and snow... Winter, served up cold and fresh.
I am truly sorry that so much evil has accompanied this winters' attack for so many... especially in the places where people really have no clue as to how to handle a snow clogged city. That being said... we know how to do winter here and it's about flippen time that we had something approximating "seasonal" going on outside.

Early morning light... found me sticking post-it notes to the walls in the basement on all the spots that need touching up or "re-doing completely". Sigh.
I was up kinda late last night doing more...
and I definitely need to make a Home Despot run today ... more mud, and some sort of a "Jay bead" or "Jar bar" or whatever to re-enforce the edges of the cubby hole opening to the "under the stairs" zone.

I am sitting in the most beautiful, comfortable, and calming room I have ever had the pleasure of relaxing in ... in any home... anywhere.
The sunshine helps...
A lot.

~ Just jeans and a t. :)
~ the "home office" has big beautiful east facing windows, and it warms up soooooo nicely in the morning.
~ filling my brain with big and little bits of info on my new client.
~ quick trip to Home Depot... perhaps when I go to get the kids...
~ sadly, opening up the knife again and tearing out, yet, two additional "inside corners" to do over in the basement (tore out two already) - there are twelve "inside corners" and 8 "outside corners". This will occupy all my hours from "kids a'bed" to "daddy a'bed" tonight.
~ that tomorrow goes well for circlek...
~ for wishes to come true... if even only a little... for ladymeg1
~ that yupjustme's mom... continues to do well...
~ to send the "get healthy" fairy over to little miss mouse... er, mousieo
~ and that whatilove ... finds a brilliant sun rise on this new day.

Crying... great sobbing cries,
face down in a pillow,
body limp and exhausted,
ears popping, throat constricting,
nose pouring, eyes... falling out completely,
is a cleansing experience.
Yes... it's remarkably sad that a person
can be moved to such intense sadness,
but there is an up side, and that is how
completely different your outlook can be...
once you've "gotten it all out"...
once you've faced your demons head on,
even if they beat you to an emotional pulp.

Somebody recommend a really good web site to see reviews of the fashions at the Golden Globes last night...

On thumb... look'en lovely.
The other? Like I just pulled it out of a mini-wood-chipper.
It's mostly an insanity about picking at the cuticles when I'm stressing...
... and I've been stressing a lot lately.
It's (the thumb) at a dramatically itchy stage...
I must go and get some bandaides to wrap it up in ...
and Yes, I know... gross, yuck and tmi.
I'm a package deal.
Good with the bad.

K, all done.
Go be remarkable!! :D

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Picking up boys from school yesterday...

Park, hop out, meet Geo at the front of the school - it takes Ed's class a wee bit longer.
"hola Geo... (waves). Little dude... you should have your hat and gloves on. It's winter."
"It's ok... I'm just going from the school to the car..."
"I know... and it's cold."
"It's Ohhh Kayyyy"
"Off with you, the cars over there... I'm going to go meet Ed."
... dum di dum...
"Hey Edward... (tussles hair)."
"Hi dad..."
"Ed... It's winter. Where's you hat and gloves?"
"In my pack..."
"They should be on you... not in-your-bag."
"It's ohhhh Kayyy Dad!"
"No, Edward... you're just getting over a cold... you should dress properly for winter... That's why we send you to school with a hat and gloves... so you'll wear them and stay warm."
"No Dad... It's ohhhh Kayyyy!"
"Hmm... well off to the car with you..."

Arrive at home.

"Hold it... Kitchen table... everybody."
(suz stands by the table, both boys have seats... eager to ... do whatever, except sit at the table.)
"Alrighty... Here's the deal... Everyday that we get to the school to pick you up, in the winter, and you're not wearing your hat and gloves... is a day that does not include any computer time. Period, no debate, no second chances."
"but... but... but...."
"We're done here."

Picking up the boys at school today...
Oh look'it. Everybody's in gloves and hats.