January 15th, 2007


Monday, January 15

Ah... now this is what I'm talking about!!!
Snow blowing, wind whistling, and... cars driving 5 kms an hour. :) hahaha...
I got downtown at 10:00... Left home at 8:20.
I'm in heaven.

YOU NEED HORRIBLE WINTER WEATHER to make you appreciate summer.
People that live in the south... have "taking things for granted" built into their brains.

~ nice stuff... for the office.
~ oh, and I dunno if you remember when I got "ze blazzer" but, dude... I'm getting loads of use out of it. :)
~ morning meetings with company folks to talk about the new client... who is actually an old client with loads of embedded company peeps... but "new" to me, never-the-less. :)
~ zoom home as soon as I can... and get more info in through the access port installed on the side of fricking brain!!!
~ OMG... this project is going to be insane... twelve months of work compressed down to three... and the contract is two weeks late in arriving, so I'm ... well, this is kinda impossible. I am officially a cartoon character corto-possible... Maybe I'll get to meet Kim. :D
~ tonight? more mud... I'm in the final coat zone.
~ for ewtikins to find her way from Grump to ... happy feet. :)
~ and for darling debby ... to find that stink!

Birthday moment.
Happy birthday My Little Nut Meg. :) (nutmeg). With you new little baby in hand... you clearly have your work cut out for you this year. May your dreams arrive during actual sleep ... instead of just wee cat-naps. If I could wish for anything... it would be for your good health this year and ... a little of that "super hero energy" that all moms just pray for. :)


Sometimes you feel like a nut.
Sometimes you don't...

Gotta git. :)
See ya soon.