January 14th, 2007


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world of warcraft question

Geo let's program update run this morning and now it's "Disconnected from server" after every log-in attemp.

Loads of WOW message board crap on this happening in the past... but ... does anyone have any idea why it's happening now? Or when he should hope for it to stop happening?

Sunday, January 14

Somehow... the word "Squab" conjures up Bugs Bunny and ... more specifically... Foghorn Leghorn.
Must be some kind of repressed memory.

More to the point... "Squab" was on the menu last night. Er... "Cornish rock hens" to be precise but... squab is just so much more accurate. :)
We had our friends, J&C over for dinner, along with their boys... same ages - I think "less one" - as our boys. Their first language is french - although they're a lot more beee-lang than our boys are - and the four of them all seemed to have a nice night. (It got quite late... before little people were shuffled off to bed).

rice stuffed Squab (Hola teaser - bazmatti cooked with a load of that Peri Peri "lemon herb" spice in for the cook'en)
ceasar salad
burgers, fries, and hotdogs for the boys...
and "raisin delight" for dessert - this is cooked as dinner is served and it's the official UBER EASY and delicious quick dessert solution. (recipe below).

Lots of talk'en... and ... I love having company for dinner. :)
I remember Celine saying something about "you don't have to go to all this trouble... "
And my saying... "um... Not doing it for you... You're the excuse. I love to cook!"
This is so deeply correct it's not funny... although, I would pretty much do anything for Celine, including cook.

~ A big pink bunny suit.
~ mud...
~ drwho
~ sandsandsandsand
~ did I mention mud?
~ I left the little squabs in the over a bit longer.
~ to keep on smiling at my good fortune to have stumbled onto balljar :)
~ I knew how to mess with the space-time-continuum thing and make every day 36 hours long. Gah... I'd get soooo much more done. Or ... is that lot like making the volume go up to 11? (a'la Spinal Tap)

Birthday moments... (all from yesterday, January 13)
Happy Birthday shebear!! May there be ... all the creativity you can handle, in the year ahead. :) I hope you had a lovely day sugar-bear.
Happy Birthday Annie (annietopia)... I hope the day was wonderful, and that you, gavin and all the folks in your family enjoy a grand year ahead.
And a very happy b-day to phej too. I'm so confused... who's kim? Ok, never mind that... I want to wish for you the best of a new year and say that I hope you enjoyed yesterday and celebrated last night. :) You have sooo much creativity bundled up inside you... May you find new and wonderful ways of expressing it.

Recently had a conversation on gayness stuff.
It left me pondering...
Say for a moment that the Thumpers and Shouters were right.
Being gay is just an emotional thing... a "decision", so-to-speak.
The Thumpers and Shouters take it a step further, however, and tell you that the "decision" is wrong...
Morally wrong, and all that rot... then they go on to say that the gay zone needs to be cured.
"Help them see the error of their ways... and to make a better decision."

Er... ok, so here's the overpowering thing about the thinking that was going on.
Even if they have it right... even if it's a decision and not a biological imperative...
Isn't the "right to choose" at the very heart of all we hold dear in our society?
Where do they get off telling people that the choice they made was ... the wrong one?
Oh... wait. They know what is morally correct...
And you know... history is just jam packed with great things resulting from following a strict moral compass defined by religious leaders.

Well here's something to think about.
If it's a choice...
That means everyone is Bi.
This includes the Thumpers and Shouters.

Compromise is the fuel that powers your engine in a relationship.
Two engines, side by side... moving into the future.
Unless, of course... one engine cuts out.
Then the other one just drives things in endless circles.
And you end up going around and around.

Raisin Delight.
(I'm sure I've posted this before...)
Raisin delight is a classic "pudding" and the recipe can be messed around with like mad to make almost anything.
For now... I'll stick to the classic "Caramel Raisin Pudding".
Change what's going on with the boiling water part to change the recipe.

Boil 3 cups water
Add 1 cup brown sugar, a tablespoon of butter and a half cup of raisins (and a bit of vanilla too)
Boil boil boil.

In a oven-safe large bowl or dish (Think "Sufle disk" or whatever) - but three cups of liquid should only fill it half way!!!
Mix up 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of sugar, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of butter
Stir stir stir....
This is the pudding. It rises when it cooks to end up "on top".

Scoop the boiling liquid over the pudding dough.
In the over for 20 minutes at 350.
Top gets golden brown.
Cool for 10 - 15 and serve.
I like with icecream. :D

Peace out.
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