January 12th, 2007


Friday, January 12

Todays picture... captures my morning moment with Edward.
He's gonna turn nine in a couple of weeks.
Every school day it's the same thing...
I come to his bed, roll him over, and dress him.
All the while, trying to wake him up.
He wakes just enough to reach up when I tell him it's time to go downstairs
and I carry his snuggly little self down to the sofa.
He manages to wake up enough to watch what ever is on the tv
and come to eat his breakfast.
And yes... I realize he's mostly, kinda, sorta faking it
And no... I couldn't possibly care less. :)

The plan was to wake up killer early... pile Geo in the car and drive across the city to CHEO (Childrens Hospital) for his Breath Hydrogen Test.
Sadly... I totally blew it by forgetting the special diet requirements for him yesterday... so the test would be useless.
Postponed until February.

So instead of booking the morning off... I was back in front of the lap top, slowing squeezing my eyeballs out of their sockets reading page after dreaded page of info on the new clients. Weeeeeeeee!

It's warmed up again... like +1 and headed for +6 tomorrow - ski lesson day for the boys... oh joy.

Dear Mother nature;
Please overdose on your fricking crack supply and soon.
You are dangerously close to earning the new handle
"Mother Nature, that cunt on crack controlling the weather"
Which, on closer consideration, will be a total bitch on the CB.

~ standard issue sit on ass and read attire...
~ jeans and a hoodie. :)
~ did I mention reading? (stacks of stuff for a new contract)
~ cleaning... having guests for dinner tomorrow...
~ cooking a big ol'chicken for dinner...
~ a little more sanding and a few touch ups on the main room in the basement.
~ movie night? Or more Dr. Who? The Dr. is totally rock'en our house as the boys and I pack in an episode every night. :) (xmas epi last night - we're starting season 1, epi 1 next)
~ to send all kinds of "you got da power" vibes out to nerdular...
~ I remember to tune in to the monkey this afternoon...
~ and for more good news to reach alachicky as FIL continues to improve!!

If you think the democratic wins in the congressionals were demonstrative of public opinion,
Just wait till the presidentials, if that jack-off invades Iran.
Oh, and on the subject of democrats...
Have you ever seen Oprah trying to clap her hands to a tune?
That's what I see in my minds eye when I see Nancy Pelosi.
She just seems to have .... I don't know... no rhythm or something...

Dry wall mud and human hands...
Like, ok... you're enjoying a little walk in the desert, having just fed the camels, launched a few rockets at some passing yanks, and ordered a little 'Za from Abdul's "We deliver to your dune" Pizza-ajha... Then a sand storm hits, like ... right out of abu-nowhere. You, your bag of dried, salted, Bedouin Strips, and your scimitar get buried up over your head in blowing, boiling sand. So... you have to dig... dig dig dig... your way out, only to find yourself temporarily sand blind and thirsty, splayed out in the late afternoon sun... for about six days... Ok, right then... if got your sight back, found an umbrella and a lawn chair... took a load off and had a good look at your hands...
My hands, after several nights of drywall mudding, would be what you see.
I could just dunk my hands in a bowl of Kerri Lotion and whistle along with the sucking noises.

If you're happy and you know it
Clap your cracked sandpaper stumps
If you're happy and you know it
Clap your cracked sandpaper stumps
If you're happy and you know it
and you really want to show it
If you're happy and you know it
Clap your cracked sandpaper stumps.

Dry hands...
But in such a bang-on great mood. :)

See ya la8er sk8ers. :)
Or C-88 in uber strange crypitc skater geek talk.

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~ Fergie mentions "Stacy" in her disco-rip-off hit "fergalicious".
Who the hell is Stacy? I read something about this and ... um...
was it something about a new york society girl? Somebody must know...

~ We contracted to build our house in Oct 2005. It was paid for
in August 2006. Somewhere in June the government changed a
tax law. Nobody knew squat about this... in fact... the builders
and several others told us "nu-uh... this doesn't apply to you."
So I spent $150 on a tax accountant to sort it out. We got the
rebate check - with interest - from Revenue Canada today...
That was the best $150 I've ever spent. (does a little dance).

~ The Dr. Who preview for Season 3 shows a woman who appears
to be the new "plus one" - replacing Rose. And that new chick is the
black woman from the season finale who was first killed by the
cybermen... WTF? That's not fair and - unless they go into some cool
explanation - it adds unnecessary confusion!! :D Gah, we're sooo
loving this show.

~ I was embarassed watching Paula Abdul swivel and be drunk on that
morning talk show... (youtube cut of it). She's a bit of a flake that one.

~ For the first time ever... EVAH!!! I heard Madonna talking and I
was left with the impression that she was being very clear headed
and intelligent. It was a clip of her comments regarding the stupid
Rosie versus The Donald thing. Go Madge go.

~ I've cleaned three bathrooms... vacuumed the house... made
an awesome dinner (thawed out a chicken and roasted that bad
boy all afternoon), worked for "the man" all day... and now ? I'm
heading down to the basement to finish up some more mud and
maybe even a little sanding. (last night was sanding mania night... )
I've put over 30 kilo's of drywall mud on those walls... wicked.

Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Jon Stewart, Dr. Who, 24, Survivor, Amazing Race...
Desperate House Hoes, Medium, Grays Anatomy.


c-ya. :)