January 11th, 2007


Thursday, January 11

It's an advil day. Woke up with a killer headache. Not a migraine... just ... my neck is torched, and the left side of my head... temples, sinuses... all ach'en. So, wake up... take advil. Sigh. This makes for a weird day... the pain wont go away but I get numb to it. I'll eat comfort foods and work.

"Work" for the time being is to read through a stack of documents about my new client and to wait for the email that tells me the where and when of the contract start. I get the distinct impression I'll be commuting to downtown ottawa again soon. :(

I was... am sorta still... keen on another big contract that would include a lot of work in my office - versus the clients - and that would please me muchly!! But I'm not sure how to get that to happen without big time management support. Ah well... c'est la vie.

It snowed again... and it's cold again... but I'm in no mood to appreciate it. :)

~ crappy jeans and a comfy new warm sweater.
~ one of those "heat me up in the microwave" bean bags on the back of my neck... helps a bit. :)
~ sit... read... stand... read... sit... read...
~ drink coffee... lots of coffee
~ and when thats done? LAST Mudding Stage for the main "new room" (I still haven't drywalled the theater room, but that can wait). Hopefully a big "sanding mania" vibe can go down tomorrow night... then it's gonna be painting time!
~ I could get Jay and Celine over for dinner... Saturday night? hmmm? I should probably call... :D
~ to send a wee squeeze over to wingswithwar... just because...
~ and to my favorite eater of pages... (pageeater)... may you get normal weather real soon.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday jenlovefl2003 and I hope the move has been going well and not too many little things got broke, lost or ... packed in the invisible box... :) Have a wonderful year sugar.
And a big big happy birthday bonanza of lj love to dinkydo... (snicker). :D You are ... something very special sugar-dee and it is my sincere pleasure to keep holding the threads of contact... I hope you have a lovely birthday today and celebrate with good love all around you. May this next be a year of peace and achievement... which is supposed to be better than "stress and achievement.". :)

Can I just say... on the subject of Iraq... I can hear this stuff and feel some kinship to the notion that the US Gov thinks they are going to save Iraq from great disruption and harm by "finishing the job"... It's a noble position and a grave concern.
Here's the thing though...
After four solid years of getting every single fucking thing wrong about Iraq, what the heck makes you think - for one second - that you can get it right this time?
My giant brain (hahaha) see's it like this... No matter what you do... no matter how many troops you send in and no matter how many people you kill, train, parachute, whatever... the day will come when you will leave... and that will be 24 hours prior to all the shit you keep at bay washing over the land. This is a foreign land... with foreign values, culture, norms, social structures, family and religious values... and unless you plan on making Iraq a US State or a "protectorate" (like Puerto Rico - sp?) then all your work will be undone the moment you leave...
I say quit while you're ahead... a half a trillion (TRILLION) dollars is enough.
Move on...
Let those freaking people sort out their own shit.
If they want to kill one another... exactly how is that your problem?

Total WOW on this interview segment on the radio... people trashing talking Apple for making a seemingly disposable iPod line of products... culminating, btw, with the geek-semen-soaked iPhone. The world gives a collective shudder... tenses up, and moans in ecstasy as Jobs displays and blabs about the groove station new iPod gadget. The complaint? The waste. As in... "what happens to old iPods when they die".
This from the culture that buys a new computer when their existing one gets a virus...
I mean... I'm not an iPodder but ... so? The shit is way wicked cool. People freaking love the iPod nation thing... power to them. If dude goes through 8 iPods of various sizes, shapes and capabilities, over two or three years... SO WHAT? If you have nothing to do but complain about the big wasters of the world... there are much bigger fish to fry than apple and a bunch of iPodders. Are you complainers total recycle gods? 'Cuz I'm guessing your throw away twenty times the weight of 8 iPods in non-organic, never-gonna-decompose garbage over the course of any single month.
Power to the Pod man.

Dinner conversation included the phrase:
"OH... do that again! ... hahaha... you looked just like an F3 face."
(I am surrounded by maple story addicts)

Ok... time to jet.
see ya soon. :)