January 10th, 2007


Wednesday, January 10

18? "I'm eighteen"... yeah, you are... if you're "outside" and you add the word MINUS to the front of you.
Brrrr... Yes indeed... a little January to go the dusting of snow that fell yesterday.
I can only fricking imagine the snow cloud that is enveloping the ski hill we take the kids to lessons at... as they blow man-made-snow out of every nozzle. And I can only imagine the way the managers of that place are dancing around the lodge. :)
It's supposed to go back up to PLUS 6 on Saturday again... but at least they'll have some snow... and it might even not be raining this time. (le sigh).

I'm all "contracted up" again... the big freak-out contract-proposal work I was doing in early December was just awarded and we won it... so that's a 25 day gig and a 20 day gig back to back with another government department. I find out oodles more about it today at 2:00'ish. Meanwhile... I still have to get sorted on two other big ass contracts... and if we win those... er... I'll have to find a transmografier. Calvin?

I recall mentioning, one day not so long ago, that I was all about sorting out the big stack of paper on my desk (well, actually - stuffed in the bookshelf - is more accurate). Well, ever the eager beaver go getter... the stack is still there - I never did squat about it. So the stack sorting initiative is back on the agenda. :) I hope there's no bills at the bottom of that waiting for payment! - January... can truly suck the charitable, happy-go-lucky December spirit right out of you with ever trip to the mail box...

~ gray ftls
~ p-z jeans
~ comfy sweater
~ and dem shoes...
~ work work work...
~ sort sort sort
~ cook cook cook
~ mud mud dr.who.for.a.bit mud
~ sand sand sand
~ sleeeeeeeeeeep.
~ you could see how great this room is gonna look.
~ ... a random kinda wish, but that pixiecup is doing well...
~ and to smile at katie8471... wake me up, before you go go.....

I called "Direct Energy" ... the company from whom we rent our water heater (aka: the giant white vibrating monster). I explained that the motor that drives the fan on the top of the thing needs replace'en - it has a bit of a vibration to it. That was yesterday. The appointment was made for this morning.
Phone call to confirm... another call when the guy is 10 minutes out.
Ding dong.
Remember the dad from Wonder Years?
He's at my door. He's shorter than I remembered... and he brought his uncle. I'm guessing there's some union clause about no job is a one man job, because uncle dude just kinda stood there and in a very Uhura kinda way, he would pretty much just repeat things Wonder Years Dad would say.
I'm 44... and I felt like a teenager around this guy. Seriously... he kept calling me sir and freaking me out!
The looked at it... they played with it... then they told me, well Wonder Years Dad told me... then uncle dude told me... "it needs replace'en.".
So now we wait for a part to be delivered. Then I can call back and two more guys can come out.

Ottawa Peeps
~ free to a good home... provided you can get a van to transport them... Simplicity (Inglis) Washer and Dryer... perfectly good but not new. (cortitto@gmail.com) Two days before I go somewhere like Craigslist.

Okidoki... back to work... :D
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Dr. Who ... season two.

all that's left is the christmas special...
Man. :(

K, I almost feel guilty when I get that emotional about a frick'en tv show.
But then I say fuck it, dive right in and wallow around in the emotions.