January 9th, 2007


Tuesday, January 9

You know the old saying... "It never rains, ... it pours" or whatever...
yeah, well forget the weather references... I'm up to my chin in contract
proposals and possibilities. All sounds nice, but it ain't squat till the pen hits
the paper, but whatever. The bosses seem pleased. I could end up in
Calgary for a week... or in an ugly gray cubicle for a month or in big-ass-serious
gig for 8 months... ah yes... what a life. I'd trade it all in to be a stay at
home dad in about 4 seconds.

~ was wearing fancy... but I'm back from the office, so I'm in the comfy now.
~ downtown early... meet and read...
~ return a "stop pad" that fell off Geo's snowboard...
~ buy a perfect pair of [ :: fly lady shoes :: ] (finally!)
~ write a grid for a proposal,
~ send in "appraisal info"
~ something yum for dinner...
~ more mud. So far, I've put 25 kilo's of mud on my walls... (wow!)
~ oh, and I'm gonna check out [ :: little mosque on the prarie :: ] tonight...
~ for today to go... just like honuhoney hopes.
~ that whatilove ... finds what she's looking for...
~ and that bloojanuary (and my other Alaskan buds) are all safe and sound after the ... earth moved.

Birthday moment...
Big HB out to pimpinthebox... may all your roads be lazy and happy.

How is it that the notion or concept of terrorism trumps all legal rights,
human rights, civil rights, etc...?
And I'm not even just talk'en 'bout the hassled humans at the hands of
the Office of Homeland Security.
The US Bombed Somalia today. A bombing strike inside Somalia to take
out people that the radio tells us were directly linked to the Al-queda
bombing of the US embassy in where-ever a while ago.
Soooo many issues:
Terrorists... bad... kill kill kill... I get it. I'm there... Kill 'em up good.
But there had to be collusion between the US government and Somalia prior
to an actual bombing run on their soil...
... how the heck do they know those were the bad guys they say they were?
They didn't have a trial... they weren't caught red handed... "finger on the
trigger" so to speak... just blown to smithereens and we're told they were bad guys.

[ :: Foods that fight cancer :: ]
interesting... If you have an adolescent child... feed 'em soy. Get 'em to eat soy beans,
if you can - they're supposed to be actually good-tasting... but Soy, regardless.
The chemicals produced in a human body during adolescence work with Soy to fight off
micro tumors of various cancer-sorts possibly avoiding other difficulties later in life.
Of course the chinese and japanese have known this for eons...

Does anyone know if the hollywood portrayal of people getting shot... and dieing instantly... is realistic?
I mean, I've read about belly wounds letting you linger and hurt, etc... (grizzly!)
but when you get a 45 slug in your heart from 20 feet away... do you simply OFF immediately?
or do you have a few moments to realize what happened?
and chalk it up to morbid curiosity.
You see people in TV land just dropping lifeless as soon as the bullet hits them and I'd have figured you had a few moments...