January 7th, 2007


Sunday, January 7

Sunny, lovely, mild... blah blah blah...
I am certain that I will receive extra punishment when I "go beyond" for not enjoying lovely weather and wishing for snow.
And I know... there are plenty of folks on the western edge of this big of earth-crust who are bleeding from their snow logged eyes at the thought of my discomfort. :)
All I can say to the west coast is... hey, been there... done that... I have a drawer full of the t-shirts.
Meanwhile... I had my skis sharpened and waxed... sigh.

Clearly this is all my fault... it all started when I bought the snow tires.

~ jeans... that have blotches of drywall mud all over them...
~ gray t and a warm, soft, wonderful chenille (sp? word always drives me bonkers) sweater. (xmas prezzi)
~ toss kids outside... lock all the doors.
~ continue to dig mud out of a bucket and spread it on the walls in my basement. :)
~ play with my brand new "shop vac"...
~ to send gi-normous congratulations out to kea and bosox. Kate delivered Dustin Cole last evening (supper time baby), three weeks early! All is well. :)
~ that my folks have a safe journey... They leave tomorrow morning for 28 days on the QMII going down around the cape... Cape Horn!! There will be penguins. :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my little sugar-tea.... (teasdale). Please keep your eyes peeled (ick) for a box of crumbs to arrive. Sadly, I truly doubt Kifli travel well... :D I hope that the year ahead keeps you strong... strong enough to live, love and enjoy the days. :)
Happy birthday to duhneese... Sugar, I hope you have a wonderful year and that you, and your family enjoy the best of health and happiness... :D

Words from the back seat....
Ed: Imagine if ... it was, like... all ancient... like cave man times!!!
Geo: Yeah... everyone would have names like Oooga Booga, and Booga Booga...
Ed: Or Molly!
Geo: Yeah... or Molly.

wtf? molly?

The news last night talked about how "Eastern cities are saving millions of dollars in [unspent] snow removal costs."
Like this was a wonderful good thing... a win-fall for the cities.
Bottom line: It's money not spent on salaries to people who depend on snow removal income. That's gotta suck man.