January 5th, 2007


Friday, January 5

Ok... this is starting to really, very seriously... suck.

It poured... absolutely poured rain last night.
I'm looking out my window... it's overcast... but it's fricking April.

This is all well and good... no freezing winds, drifts of snow, traffic snarls, parking madness...
But... we booked (and paid for) ski / board lessons for the boys... starting tomorrow.
I didn't ski last year (injury) and have been mad-for-ski this year...

This is messing with so many businesses.
This is messing with nature... huge.
Plants are confused.
Hibernating animals are confused.

Mother nature is in some kind of a crack coma... lights on, nobody home, drooling-on-the-floorboards whack!

So I guess I'll book off the day and go to a museum. :)

~ green ftls
~ p-z jeans
~ just some t... but I'll sweater-up later.
~ new national war museum with the fam...
~ drop off stuff to my dad...
~ drill holes... hahahaha... er, put up corner bead. :)
~ it would freaking snow already...
~ that kristiseriously realizes... she's still just a young'en... if you hang out with old people. :)
~ for ca_blondi to enjoy z'mommy vizit. :)
~ for the house of circlek to find it's way back to health!!
~ and for those kicks... in tonya's tummy to slow down 'nuf for mommy to get some rest.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday kimmellee and I hope you're having a blast with the new computer... Have a wonderful year.

I bought one of those euro-slash-wanna-be kinda oval white sticker with black trim and the Letters for a place in them... for the back of yer car? Yaknow what I mean? Anyways... I got one in Martha's Vineyard (of course it says MV) with the imagination of putting it on the back of my cool car... At the time... I was still driving my honda rustic... Well now I have my fun cool car... but no sticker. Couldn't find it... till this morning. :)

Sometimes ... I read you and I want to judge you.
Walking down the paths to pain, ignoring good advice from all sides...
or worse... not getting any advice from your so called friends.
And then I remember.
Then I stop.
I love you anyways... or was that "always".