January 3rd, 2007


Wednesday, January 3

Yeah, so I'm the last to bed... and the first to wake.
Our king sized bed is not being as accommodating as it used to... when the boys were sooooo much little'er. :)
I finished basement work at an ungodly late hour, climbed up to go to bed and found it full... full to bursting! Ed, suz and geo ... spread out and snoring.
So I slept in Geo's bed. :) I snuck in at, like... 6:00 for an hours "warm-up" snuggling with sleeping people, but I had to abandon all that comfort to shower, shave and escape to work.

A big fat yuck on work. Personally... a life of leisure would do me just fine thankyouverymuch!!!

The sun is shining... the air is cold... (very cold!) so there must be great gusts of snowy fog up at the ski hills as they furiously make snow. If you've never witnessed the way ski hill operations "make" snow... you have no idea how cool it is. :D

~ black ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ gray t hiding under a brown turtleneck...
~ up and at'em while the family sleeps... and slip away to the downtown office for the morning.
~ complain to tech support about my dumb-ass laptop
~ get several hundred pages of printing (fancy - spancy colour dye sublimation print jobs) sorted out.
~ bank... deposit!
~ work this afternoon on my "staff performance appraisal" so they can ... not give me a raise again. (four years now... weeee)
~ I made more money. :)
~ that nbbmom feels better soon...
~ to smile at notcharming... 'cuz she's happy. :)
~ and that dinkydo... continues to love the new job...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday dawna.... may the year ahead bring you support, love, friendship ... and the understanding of strangers. :)

I'mma gonna get a parking ticket if I don't take off and go move my ... little lovely dora! :D (Love's his car... looooooves his car!)
So I'm outti.

Have a great day... and bring a smile to someone else today... it will come back to you twice as big tomorrow. :)