January 2nd, 2007


Tuesday, January 2

Brrr! After a melty sunny day yesterday... last night was blowy and cold. I was up uber late and ... man, the wind was howling!
Today came up all bright... but very cold. I am hoping for snow.
The kids are (well, mostly Geo) actually bumm'en because of the lack of white.

Snow boarding is going really well for Geo. I promise... pics and vids one day soon.
I jumped on the chair lift to scam a run down the only proper-ski-hill that was open (lack of actual snow is kicking their asses) and I really and truly surprised myself. Can you imagine in your minds eye... the way a skier can sit back on their skis while they're "bombing down the hill"? Can you see that? Well I recall quite vividly that upon our return to skiing a couple of years ago this move was all fun and stuff... but what goes down, must come up again. And I had found great distress at how much it pained my knees and legs to "pull up" from that sit-on-back-of-skies thing. Well... I did that yesterday and getting up again... was NOTHING. Non-issue. I just stood up again. I completely ascribe this turn of events to the ridiculous amount of stretching and working out that a summer of skateboarding (injuries not-withstanding) brought about.

~ gray ftls
~ nice jeans...
~ warm blue and white shirt...
~ up early... kids a'sleep'en away (suz too)
~ log on to work and get cracking. :)
~ out of town family friends dropping on their way home over the lunch hour.
~ geek road trip to pccyber to buy a new hard drive and more ram...
~ enjoy a tuesday... must cook with peri peri... :)
~ oh, and dl'ing season two x-men... haha... the kids totally dig it and... well, I'm genuinely intrigued..
~ to extend a hand of condolence and love to my friend nbbmom ... just 'cuz...
~ to smile (trying not to laugh OUT LOUD) at all the resolutions I see people putting in their journals...
~ to remind the universe that a quick review of my fps, will show you whatilove and all the wonderful, beautiful, family photography she does... www.karenleslie.com ... who, btw, shares a lot with balljar aka "big head", from a photographic style perspective. Both make me wish like mad I had as good an eye, and the camera to go with it.
~ and that kimmellee enjoys... the new toy!! :D (mind OUT of gutter... they got a new pc!)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday brak55. May the year ahead bring you ... leisure time. :)

Impossible love...
A flight of fancy, lifted high by a shared imagination,
It remains blind to the obvious ... problems.
Impossible love...
So tantalizing and delicious, yet so stubbornly rooted in the "impossible".
Clearly, such a love can bear fruit...
but it will bruise easily and sours when the blindness wears away.
Impossible love...
A love so wonderful ... but so necessarily a love best left hidden behind friendship.
The trick is to share not only the imagination but also the truth.
To enjoy a dream is not the same as forcing it into the light of day.
Share the dream and then share the reality.
Let a friendship, that is so wonderful... continue to be just that.

K, time to go. :) have a wonderful Tuesday.

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~ 300 gigs takes forever to format
~ drywall is fricking heavy
~ shrimp goes great with almost everything
~ fresh pepermint bark... white and dark choco... is soooo gooooood.