January 1st, 2007


January 1, 2007

Freezing rain turned the world into a sheet of ice last night.
Apparently the ski hill turned it into snow...
We'll see. :D

~ long johns and snow pants!
~ taking Geo snowboarding ... sadly, there's still so little snow up there that they've only a few runs open.
~ I was in BC and maybe going to Fernie. :)

You what's a trip?
Watching the x-men movies with your kids...
~ trying and failing to answer they non-stop questions about it...
~ talking to friends and reading up on-line about the x-men...
~ letting azuras run a bit-torent download for three days to get a 2.4 gig download of what is supposed to be an animated series... (never can tell ~ ~ with bit-torent... must be way careful)
~ opening the downloaded archive and seeing all these "vob" and "bup" files...
~ lucking out with Nero and figuring out how to format data for a DVD-Video format disk...
~ burning...
~ and then watching the season one of the x-men animated series with the boys ...
... and digging it.

//You know what else is a trip?
~ getting your kids to wash your summer tire rims before putting them in storage. (the tires, not the kids... sheesh... what good would the kids be in storage?)

Welcome to another year of my seemingly endless capacity for subjecting you to my goofy morning pictures... dorky video moments... and odd flip flops between smoooshy happiness and angsty depression. :)
If you are quite sure you're sick of this... don't be afraid to just click click and go. I will never give you a bad vibe for dropping me. Really.
I've been horrible at keeping up with my friends posts and typically only take the time to read what shows up on a friends-page-load when I sit down to post. I would love to read more... but life's just not like that lately. :)
Either way... stay or go... it's all ebb and flow and I'll just keep on doing my thing.

Happy new yea.