December 29th, 2006


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~ so... what did you think of X-3? Do they follow the original story line?
Was there ever a "cure gun" in the story line?
Does the x-men franchise of stories expand on Jean Gray much?

I enjoyed the movie but ... it's like I wish I could ("tank, I need to fly a b-2 helicopter") upload the full x-men story line into my head. :)

Friday, December 29

Sunny sky... cold air... and a thin layer of snow everywhere.

Edward has been coughing up a storm... Not good. I hope he gets better quick and can enjoy his ski lessons.!!

~ black ftls
~ mid-range "semi old", soon to be oldest - when I chuck the others - jeans...
~ gap t
~ measure twice... cut once... and still, likely, manage to get frustrated... with drywall. :)
~ possible adventure to the shopping mall ... where the boys can look into blowing their gift cards... on gifts. :)
~ clear out my "stack". (papers the pile up beside my desk... ug... four inches of madness!)
~ you could have seen how much George enjoyed snowboarding yesterday. He's really got the "hang" of it and I'm sure he'll get a lot out of his lessons (starting next saturday!).
~ that you could see what is real ... and what is the product of your jaded perspectives.
~ that I could see what is real... too.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sunnlight... I hope the year keeps your business hopping and you a'smiling. :)
And a very happy birthday to sillz!!! May life with your family bring you endless joy - and not only endless laundry! And have a perfectly lovely year. :)

How old is the Grand Canyon? Older than Jesus... apparently. And - of course - this is a problem.
[ :: Read this! :: ] (thank you for the linkage mrs_pepperpot)
Captain "Get the Job Done" Bush - or more precisely, his administration - has asked the park service to not tell folks how old the Canyon is... because it conflicts with creationism.

Dear people-who-actually-believe-in-creationism:
You're election to embrace ignorance is pathetic and despite your claims to just want to hold onto your personal beliefs, you bring about great hardship and injustice in the world. I say again... you are pathetic.

So I took Geo to Pakenham yesterday and he snowboarded his heart out. I am officially jealous. And I recall with great clarity the intensity of the pain associated with my tail bone injury last year... so, I'm not in a rush to live out my snowboarding fantasy. I will stick to my skis and enjoy. :)

K, see ya.