December 28th, 2006


Thursday, December 28

Strong bad goooooood.

Oh sure... the sun comes out.!
No plans for the day... except now it's totally beautiful outside.
Must find a way to get fresh air... :D

~ blue ftls
~ another pair of jeans... I've had to retire the "ripped up" jeans... they're just getting beyond hope. So these... one small hole in the knee and we're good to go. :)
~ strong bad. :D
~ more dry wall...
~ drive Geo up to a ski hill so he can try out his board...
~ pray for more snow...
~ I had next week off work too.
~ that dewyeyed... finds her vibe and makes a move. Stop knocking yourself sugar... it's all good. Enjoy!
~ that little miss pta... er... geekgrrrl ... continues to love the new 'hood. :)
~ and that shannihilation... enjoyed her evening. :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Tom... er... another_tom and may the year ahead bring you ... lots'a work and time to enjoy it.
And to little miss uniclycommon!! A very happy birthday to a wonderful woman... I hope you and your cam-ho... have a fabulous time together this year and that you walk with good fortune close by your side. :)

Kitty... jonses for your attention... then runs to her full food bowl. You follow. She swirls around your feet and ankles... then to the bowl... takes a bite and looks over at you.
Bottom line: her crack is having you scratch her back ...while she's eating. This sends her into torrents of purrrrr and, indeed, she is likely to simply fall over with glee... into her food bowl. "pet me while I'm eating" is clearly what she's say if she could talk. :)

K... off and running.. see ya. :)
the hand

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We don't write the pages of our lives in a treasured journal.
We read and write each day, for good or ill, long or short...
Then tear the page out, crumple it up, and cast it to the wind.

This is why we can't ever go back... not on purpose anyways.
What is behind you... is blowing in the wind.

Perhaps, chance will have it that a page blows across your steps,
and you see an old best friend, wave and say hi.
But that page is crumpled... perhaps even torn.

You are better off trying to write a new one,
than smooth out something you caught blowing past.

You can't catch the wind, or bend it to your will.
Try to hard, and you're likely to end up blown off course yourself.
Let it go, and learn from today while there's still time.