December 27th, 2006


Wednesday, December 27

Pay no attention to the finger. :)subtle is not often used to describe ... me.
But here? I'm just sharing some finger. No biggie.

Snow? More wispy bits of snow falling.
Overcast... wintry... Just not enough snow to ski!! grrrr...

We were talking about planning a ski trip for this winter...
perhaps Gray Rocks again. We'll see how mr. snowboard does in his lessons. :)

~ same ol same ol...
~ a zillion things!
~ busy morning... busy afternoon on it's way
~ must get groceries...
~ go to home depot... to buy a door... and something else... ???
~ wallmart? Need NEEEEEED fly lady shoes.
~ post office... but homeland security may stop the kifli at that border... we'll see.
~ geek store... must buy new hd... I'm stunningly low on available giggage... and this simply will not do! :D
~ drop in at my units house with the family for my parents annual christmas "drop-in". :) (hence, all the dropping-in and what not)
~ I could remember what the other thing I needed at home despot was?
~ to compliment cynnerth at her stunning athleticism on the job.
~ I could bang on harleydog door... drag her outside for some fresh air... and feed her kifli!!!
~ that dinkydo doesn't get too hung up on Vera and the matress... next thing you know, you'll be sleeping all day long. :)

Note: another vanishing birthday ... quiet_girl?? something like that... strange lj weirdness that I try to ignore. :)

I committed a most heinous family crime today... well, last night actually. I only hope they will find it in their hearts to forgive me.
I forgot to take out the post-christmas garbage on garbage night. We are going to be full-to-bursting next week.

I know I'm boring lately... :)
tiss the cycle of things.