December 26th, 2006


Tuesday, December 26

Clearly, I'm going to wrinkle up my face by sitting like this... :)

Today is "boxing day" in canada. Traditions relating to charity named it so, but the contemporary spin is more like "can I put that in a box for you sir?" as Canada shops like crazy today. I'm tempted to go buy and 42 inch wide screen plasma tv (want want want want)... but I'll work in the basement instead. :)

We had a lovely day yesterday. I am always somewhat morose about christmas... but that's likely because I dream of and wish for things that just dont seem to be able to happen. However, pushing that aside for now, I am left to recall what a perfectly wonderful experience we had hosting a big christmas dinner. The turkey was cooked to perfection... the stuffing was a bit dodgy, the mashed potatoes were fine (especially with the turkey gravy!) and our guests brought... beets, a sweet potato w/ apple dish, carrots, ceasar salad, buns, shrimp everywhere, creamed onions, and we had fresh apple pie for dessert. I did my level best to stay mr. calm and not get all intense about cooking issues and everyone pulled together for speedy clean-ups, etc.

It (the dinner) could not have gone better. :)
~ paint me in the colours of happiness.

~ gray ftls
~ old, ripped jeans
~ black hoodie. :)
~ relax...
~ clean up...
~ cut dry wall...
~ maybe get around to watching x-men 3...
~ for sillz to feel a wee bit better today, and enjoy the chrismtas luncheon! :)
~ to remind gifgal that the word of the day is... moderation! :D
~ and to send a little wish to aprilfool29... for finding happy and learning to love LA.

Birthday moments..
Happy Birthday Norm!! (thetech)! I hope you're enjoying the fruits of your labour... and that the year ahead keeps you healthy, happy and warm.
And to evil... Happy birthday yo! I hope you're feeling better soon, and that the year ahead treats you well. :)

Todays important word pairing is...

Family Matters. :)

See ya on the flip.